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Photo Filters – Contributing To The Rise In Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is becoming more popular each and every year. More individuals are flocking towards and utilising plastic surgery as a means to acquire a certain look, to help with self-esteem or to correct something about themselves that they simply do not like and therefore cannot, and do not have to live with.

Plastic surgery has, as mentioned, undergone a dramatic surge in popularity and there are a great many contributing factors to this, for example:

  • Traditional procedures such as breast enlargements, nose jobs, tummy tucks and facelifts are now appealing to wider and more diverse audiences
  • Newer procedures such as eyelid surgery and bum lifts, to name but a few, are evolving in the industry and these are attracting individuals who previously would not have naturally gravitated towards plastic surgery
  • Plastic surgery itself is appealing to men, as well as women, more so than it ever has done in the past. This is owing to the increased uptake of men’s health and fitness websites and magazines, increased media attention and Instagram influencers, which has given rise to procedures such as daddy makeovers
  • People of all ages are now using plastic surgery as a means to achieve a fashionable look, to make a statement, or to complete a body/physical aspiration. Younger and older people are viewing plastic surgery as a viable alternative to simply coming to terms with an aspect of their physical self that they do not love, or do not enjoy
  • Plastic surgery is far easier to access, is safer, and cheaper. There are more medical practices opening every day whose sole purpose is to conduct plastic surgery. Turkey, for example, has become an extremely popular destination for plastic surgery, with people travelling to Istanbul in particular for such procedures, this is known as medical tourism, and owing to this new type of tourism Turkey has experienced a surge in medical advancements and in usage for a wide range of plastic surgery procedures, including hair transplants and cosmetic dentistry as well
  • The rise of social media, Snapchat and Instagram particularly, and the wide use and varied functions of photo filters and image modification is showing social media users and those who are tech-savvy enough to make the most out of these filters a new way of viewing themselves, and if the resulting image(s) are appealing then some people will look to plastic surgery for ways of achieving this

Photo Filters In Plastic Surgery

The rise of photo filters has had a positive impact on the rise in plastic surgery procedures and the popularity of plastic surgery in general. A great many individuals will have already decided that they want plastic surgery and will use photo filters as a guide, or as a visual aid that they will utilise in order to inform their surgeon about their desired look. This will help the surgeon in formulating a guide as to how they will complete the surgery and as to what techniques to use, resulting in a more accurate end-result for the patient in question.

Photo filters and the way in which they impact an individual’s body image have received some negative press in recent years, however plastic surgery and its popularity has been on an upward trajectory for many, many years and as outlined above, plastic surgery is more popular now than it has ever been and with very good reason.

Plastic surgery itself, whether photo filters are involved in the process or not can have an incredibly positive effect on the mental wellbeing of the patient, it can reverse the effects of ageing or it can set right an injury sustained as a result of an accident. However a person makes use of plastic surgery, then end results are always overwhelmingly positive.

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