Stay In Turkey: What To Do & How To Extend It

Turkey’s magical allure is irresistible. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “If earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” History is littered with admirers of this enthralling beauty. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), 51.9 million people visited the country in 2019, of which 86.2% were foreigners. 

Istanbul, being the most sought-after tourist destination, welcomed 15 million tourists, which is 33% of all foreign visitors. Tourists flock to the city for its historical and cultural wonders. However, with medical tourism on the rise, Istanbul has also become a hub for plastic surgery. But many medical tourists end up prolonging their stay in Turkey for a relaxing vacation. 

What’s To See During Your Stay In Turkey? 

The fusion of Eastern and Western influences is what gives Turkey its cultural charm. Cathedrals, mosques, museums, ancient bazaars, emerald water beaches, beautiful sunsets, and rich Turkish cuisines are just a few reasons why one might want to stay in Turkey for a very long time. 

Longevita offers medical treatments in Istanbul.

Istanbul attracts the greatest number of foreign tourists than any other city in Turkey because of: 

  • Bosporus Strait
  • Topkapi Palace 
  • Galata Tower
  • Taksim Square
  • Hagia Sophia 
  • Blue Mosque
  • Basilica Cistern
  • Grand and Spice Bazaar
  • Sultanahmet Square 

You might even get plagued with a sense of regret for not being able to see all these wonders during your brief stay in Turkey. That is why many people decide before even arriving in Turkey that soon after their surgery, it’ll be vacation time. While it can be the case for you, you might encounter some hindrance in implementing your plans in full force. That’s because soon after your surgery, all that your body will want is rest. 

How You Can Enjoy Stay In Turkey After Undergoing Plastic Surgery 

Depending upon your procedure, recovery time is going to vary. Moreover, the physical health of the patient also determines how long it will take for them to completely heal. Your medical history, age, genetics, any ailments and ongoing prescription medications will all play a vital part in determining your recovery period. 

So, make sure that the time you spend in Turkey is not exacting on your body. Of course, your surgeon will guide you about the things that you can and cannot do. If you have any specific concerns, you can share them with your doctor. Listed below is only general information about each surgery.

Breast Surgery 

After breast surgery, we strongly advise against any tourist activity until you’ve had your first check-up with the surgeon. Usually, after this surgery, patients spend one night at the hospital and four nights at the hotel. 

Pain threshold varies from one patient to another. Some may feel just fine after a day or two of the surgery, but for others, it is better if they rest comfortably in their hotel rooms.

After having breast surgery, you cannot go swimming for a few weeks. You also have to avoid the sun as you can become susceptible to bacterial infections and hyperpigmentation. You can take short, frequent walks. 

However, listen to your body and rest when you want to. There are numerous where you can take a walk. You can discover the ancient bazaars, explore some historical places, or walk along the sea coast during your stay in Turkey.

Tummy Tuck 

You cannot go shopping or sightseeing for a few days after your tummy tuck surgery. You’ll most likely be required to spend around two to three nights at the hospital and seven nights at the hotel. After having a tummy tuck, you cannot go into any swimming pools or saunas. 

Any activity that makes you sweat should be completely avoided as the surgical wound has to be kept clean and dry. Walking is good as it can improve blood circulation. This is important for healing faster. Wherever you go during your stay in Turkey, make sure that you’re not alone, as your balance and strength could be compromised. 


Usually, it’s alright if the patient decides to visit some tourist attractions around the city just a few days after having liposuction. You might have swelling, itchiness, small bumps, and pain for the first few days. It is normal. 

After having this surgery, your surgeon will advise you to start walking as soon as possible. That’s because it’ll lower the risk of blood clots formation. Here too, you’re not allowed to go swimming or visit any saunas or Turkish bath/hammams. 

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) 

After a BBL, you will only stay one night at the hospital and four at the hotel. A few days after having this surgery, you’re allowed to go around the city. There might be accompanying swelling, pain, and small bumps, but it’s normal. 

You can start short, frequent walks as it’ll improve your blood circulation, As our clinics are quite close to famous historical sites and some great monuments, you can easily take a walk there. It can even improve the results of your procedure.

Nose Job

After you’ve had a nose job in Istanbul, you only have to spend one night at the hospital and seven at the hotel. Meanwhile, you can definitely go outside just a day after the surgery. However, it is not advised for those who are experiencing too much swelling or bruising. Generally, plan on taking it easy during and after your stay in Turkey. 

Although you will not feel pain while you heal, it is still possible to injure it. You may walk as much as you like while discovering the hidden beauties.


Your surgeon may recommend that you stay in the hospital for one day after getting a facelift. Make sure to rest for one whole day after the discharge. You may go outside afterwards. However, avoid the sun. Walking slowly in the fresh air will fasten your recovery process. It’s better if the area you’re walking in has a shade.

Eyelid Surgery

A day’s rest will be enough after eyelid surgery. You may go outside to visit the city but avoid any dusty areas. Be cautious by wearing sunglasses and a cap. Please do not wear any make-up to cover your surgical areas.

Laser Eye Surgery 

Stay in your hotel room for the first day after discharge. Your eyes may be sensitive to light and dust. You should also not stare at the TV screen or computer for a long time. Also, going to the cinema might not be a good thing. Do check in with your surgeon about further details.

How To Extend Your Stay In Turkey After Plastic Surgery?

Once you’ve booked your medical travel plan, Longevita will arrange everything required for your travel. For any modifications, you’ll need to inform your travel coordinator. They’re in charge of arranging the patient’s stay in Turkey. 

For How Many Days Have You Decided to Extend Your Stay In Turkey?  

Make sure that you inform your travel coordinator of the exact number of days by which you’ll extend your stay in Turkey. Keep in mind that Longevita only covers the patient’s accommodation which is part of the travel plan. You will have to pay extra for as many days as you decide to stay outside the plan. 

Where Will You be Staying?

We need to know about the place that you’ll be staying in. It’s so that we can arrange your private transfers accordingly. Your comfort is our priority, and we don’t want you to worry about your travelling arrangement. Through this information, we can ensure that you have safely arrived at your airport on time.

When will You be Available to Attend Follow-up Appointments?  

Check-up appointments during your stay in Turkey are extremely important. Our surgeons will check the progress of your recovery through them. Moreover, if any post-op complication has risen, it will be addressed there. Make sure that you don’t miss them. This is why you need to inform us about your planned schedule so that we can arrange your doctor’s appointment accordingly. 

Once you’ve decided to extend your trip, you might have a chance to attend more than one check-up appointment. We will be doing our best to arrange an extra free check-up for you, depending on your surgeon’s availability. 

What Activities Have You Planned? 

The purpose of this information is to assess the risk that any of your planned activities can pose to your plastic surgery. We’ll inform you about the things that you can safely do and which you have to avoid. 

Concluding Remarks 

As you might’ve noticed, for all of the surgeries, you’re required to stay out of the sun, swimming pools, saunas, or hammams. However, you only have to face these restrictions temporarily. The purpose is for you to achieve the best results after your plastic surgery in Turkey.

If you have any questions about your procedure or want to know whether you can perform one activity or another, you can ask our aftercare support team. Our staff is always available to receive any requests you may have. We want you to feel comfortable making your journey to Turkey, so don’t hesitate to contact us or book a call with a member of staff.

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