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Post-Operative Guides

thigh lift aftercare

Thigh Lift Aftercare: Tips for Successful Recovery

Depending on the kind of plastic surgery, the aftercare process can differ. The recovery might take longer and different side effects can occur. Many patients experience discomfort from time to time after having a thigh lift surgery. This happens because of the nature of the procedure. The area where the incisions are made takes quite some time to heal completely. Moreover, it entails that the patient needs to practice extra precaution when taking care of the wound. With a thigh lift, it is common to experience some side effects. Their knowledge will help you keep better prepared during the recovery process.  

Depression after surgery

Is It Normal to Experience Depression After Surgery?

Even if you had planned on getting plastic surgery for months or years, on the day of the surgery, you may have felt anxious or questioned your decision. Soon after surgery, many people regret getting the surgery altogether. However, you’ve gone through a transformative experience. You know that after the surgery, you woke up to a different “you.” Your brain will take some time to process this change. Therefore, you need to wait to see the results of the surgery. This alone is not easy as sometimes recovery can take a year or more. We always advise our patients to stay calm and be patient but understand that the process is difficult. Many patients also experience depression after surgery.

nipple piercing after breast surgery

Can I Have A Nipple Piercing Before or After Breast Surgery?

Many people choose to get a nipple piercing because they look stylish, and it makes them feel good about their bodies. Popstar Rihanna has flaunted her nipple piercing on many occasions. Moreover, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have also revealed their nipple piercings. A celebrity might have inspired you to get your nipples pierced. Or maybe you just want to make a bold fashion statement. Certainly, they can look quite stylish when you’re wearing a bikini or sheer clothing. 

covid after effetcs

Can After Effects of Covid Alter Your Cosmetic Surgery? 

Inarguably, these are stressful times. The global pandemic has been mentally exacting and exhausting. It has left many of us feeling down. The fear of the virus alone is nerve-wracking. Fortunately, we are learning more and more about the virus. That information has helped us devise strategies that can ensure our safety and of the people around us. We’ve been in the midst of a pandemic for a year now. The after effects of Covid have left many people sick and tired. So many of us have lost our motivation to achieve our goals and ambitions in life. But, maybe, we need to try and change our perspectives a little. Despite the suffering, we can all hope for a brighter, happier future. 

how long do breast implants last

How Long Do Breast Implants Last? 

Before getting any cosmetic procedure, you need to find out whether its results will be temporary or last a lifetime. Breast augmentation is one of the most sought-after plastic surgery treatments around the globe. Many women have a desire to change the shape and size of their breasts. For this, they choose to get breast implants. However, many of them end up wondering how long do breast implants last. Of course, as you age, your body will go through various changes. Pregnancy is another concern, so you need to know how having breast implants will affect you. 

lip filler swelling timeline

What is the Lip Filler Swelling Timeline?

The desire among human beings to seek perfection is as old as time. Beauty trends are subjective and variable. A fleeting inspiration from social media celebrities does not necessarily drive behaviour when it comes to cosmetic surgeries. Sometimes it is natural to feel dissatisfied, sad, and even depressed about certain parts of yourself. Fuller, plumper lips can make you feel sexier and more confident. Lip fillers are a quick, affordable, and safe way to achieve that goal. No doubt, a perfect selfie constitutes a set of luscious, smooth lips. Youthful and inviting lips can also make the colour of your lipstick pop. However, as you’re dreaming about the sensational look that you’ll achieve, you might be dreading the procedure itself. Lip filler swelling timeline is what patients want to know the most when they’re getting this treatment.

how long does teeth whitening last

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last and How to Make it Last Longer?

Pearly, glamorous, and confident – that’s the smile of a Hollywood star. It’s not unachievable or a prohibitively expensive luxury. The secret behind achieving a gorgeous smile is none other than a simple teeth whitening treatment. You might’ve wondered how celebrities have utterly perfect smiles. They always look flawless. However, we are all human and go through some similar experiences in life. More than 2 billion people consume coffee each day. Maybe, you’re one of them and enjoy this beverage a little too much. Similarly, possibly, colas, ketchup, fruit juices, red wine, and curries are some things that you like to eat. This can cause teeth staining and discolouring. And after all the home remedies fail, dental treatment is what people seek. But you might’ve asked yourself how long does teeth whitening last even?

full mouth dental implant

What Is the Full Mouth Dental Implants Recovery Time?

Smiling, laughing, eating, and speaking is a part of our normal day-to-day life. Those who have a perfect set of uniform teeth don’t think twice before putting their teeth on display. There’s nothing to hide about them anyway. Once in a blue moon, they might get embarrassed about food stuck between their teeth. However, for those who have lost a tooth or teeth, things are not that simple. It can cause a loss in their self-esteem. They might try eating food with their heads bowed down or laugh and smile without showing their teeth. Speaking becomes a dilemma in itself. The ordinary routine tasks become quite challenging. However, if this affects your mental health, while also negatively impacting your personal and professional life, you should consider having full mouth dental implants. They are for those patients who’ve completely lost their teeth. 

Rhinoplasty Swelling Timeline

Rhinoplasty Swelling Timeline 

Almost a decade ago, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s (ISAPS) survey, 560,854 rhinoplasties were performed. It made up 8.3% of the total surgical procedures. However, in 2018, 726,907 rhinoplasty surgeries were conducted around the globe. It is the 4th most popular surgical procedure among men. 188,696 males got this surgery in 2018 alone. US, Mexico, Germany, India, Italy, Argentina, Columbia, Australia, and Thailand are just a few places where this procedure is in demand. Needless to say, a nose job or nose surgery is a very popular procedure. However, in this guide, we’ll find out more about rhinoplasty swelling timeline.

For those who don’t know, rhinoplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Therefore, the recovery period is not that long. If you feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with the shape of your nose or the way it complements the other features of your face, then you can choose to get it. In this, your nose can be reshaped for sculpting it in a way your desire. The size itself can be increased or decreased. A hump in the bridge of the nose, crookedness, the size of nostrils, or a change in the shape of the tip are all concerns that this surgery can thoroughly address. 

Moreover, those who have breathing difficulties can also take help from this procedure. Although the surgery wouldn’t take more than a few hours to complete, it won’t necessarily produce results that soon. 


How to Take Care of Your New Veneers

Dental veneers promise a beautiful, dazzling smile. Voracious consumers of coffee, tea, red wine, starchy foods, and chocolate might experience tooth discolouration. Tobacco stains from smoking can increase dissatisfaction among smokers about their general appearance because of the perceived poor dental aesthetics. Dental fluorosis, age, genetics, medications and numerous other factors impact oral health. Apart from tooth discolouration, veneers can help cover up unwanted gaps between the teeth and improve the appearance of chipped, broken, misaligned, and worn teeth. The hub of affordable cosmetic dentistry should be your choice of destination for this treatment. Veneers in Turkey will have you enjoy your summer vacation with a fresh start.

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