6 Cosmetic Procedures You Could Fit In Before & During Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and with the festive season well and truly underway, you may be wondering how you can look your best in time for the big day. Thankfully, there are a number of non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures that you could fit in before December 25th, with enough time to heal and settle too.

Here, we have compiled three of the best Christmas plastic surgery procedures that you could opt for, so you can feel rejuvenated and confident while having a good time for your festive celebrations.

What Are The Most Popular Christmas Plastic Surgery Procedures?

These are some of the most popular Christmas plastic surgery types that you can also fit in before the holidays.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are another treatment that you can fit in before Christmas and are ideal for a quick solution to fine lines and wrinkles. Whether you are looking to enhance your facial volume, want more defined lips or need any fine lines or wrinkles smoothed out, this is the non-surgical treatment for you.

If your face has lost some elasticity, dermal fillers are a beneficial way to lift and plump the problem areas. Losing firmness of the skin as we age is perfectly normal, and it occurs due to the reduction of collagen production in our skin. However, dermal fillers can help to reduce signs of ageing for those wanting to keep their youthful glow.

With the procedure only taking between 15-20 minutes with no downtime, it makes a great non-surgical treatment to undergo before Christmas. The temporary side effects should resolve on their own soon enough, and you’ll be ready for the countless photos and home videos.


Another very popular Christmas plastic surgery procedure is Botox. It results in temporary paralysis of the underlying muscles for roughly 3-4 months. So, you can have fewer wrinkles and fine lines for when the holidays come.

Here, you should keep in mind that Botox can take at least 2 weeks to take effect completely. Therefore, you should plan the procedure before the holidays accordingly. The procedure has no downtime, so you can go about your routine activities.

Laser Skin Resurfacing 

If you’re looking to improve the tone and texture of your skin, you can consider getting a laser resurfacing treatment. It will essentially get rid of the outermost layer of the skin and even promote the production of collagen, leaving your skin smooth and plump. Depending on the type of laser that’s been used (CO2 or Erbium), it can take 1-2 weeks for you to recover. So, again, plan your procedure accordingly.

Breast Surgery 

The Christmas holidays can give you the perfect time to recuperate from invasive surgery. Many people decide to get augmentation, reduction or lift. Usually, people take a couple of weeks off work after these procedures. However, since it’s already the holiday season, you won’t have to take extra time off work. Some women also choose to have a complete mommy makeover, which combines breast surgery with liposuction and tummy tuck.

Fat Reduction 

Various surgical and non-surgical fat reduction procedures are quite popular before, during, and after the holidays. To get ready for the summer sun, you can get liposuction for excess fat deposits around Christmas. The compression garment can be easily hidden beneath the layers of clothes, and you’ll have time off during recovery.

You can also plan this procedure before the holidays arrive so that you can snap those perfect Christmas selfies. And if you end up putting on a bit too much holiday weight, you can consider getting a CoolSculpting procedure. This will essentially freeze the targeted fat and break it down, after which you’ll pass it out of your body.


In the “New Year, New Me” spirit, many people also decide to undergo a facelift. It is actually a very popular procedure around the holidays, and many people undergo it to refresh their look. Usually, people have to take about 2-4 weeks off work after this procedure. So, that won’t be a problem if you’re getting this Christmas plastic surgery procedure. Soon enough, the swelling from the procedure should go away, and you’ll be able to see the results of your procedure.


Christmas plastic surgery is extremely popular for many reasons. Other than having more time on their hands and the space to recuperate, many patients can also benefit from the holiday discounts that clinics offer. Usually, there’s a Christmas or New Year’s discount going on, which can make these procedures less expensive.

However, in a bid to find the cheapest clinic, you should not make any compromises on the standards of healthcare that they provide. Make sure to find out the credentials of the clinic and the experience, licensing, and registration of your surgeon. If you’ve been thinking about Christmas plastic surgery for a while now, you should discuss your concerns with a plastic surgeon. You’ll be given a treatment plan accordingly.

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