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At Longevita, we pride ourselves on offering an excellent level of service to our patients at all times. We feel that the best way for our potential new patients to have an understanding of what Longevita can offer is through the words of our existing patients. One of the most common questions that we are asked at the consultation stage is: “Is there any age limit to having a cosmetic procedure?”. In order to answer your question, we’ve had the chance to talk to one of our existing patients, 55-year-old Russell Broadbent, to discuss the procedures that he had performed by our team in Turkey, and to hear his views on whether or not there is a cut off to having cosmetic procedures.

Patient Fact File

Name – Russell Broadbent
Age – 55
Occupation – Modelling
ProceduresHair Transplant, Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, Fat Injection To Six Pack

1. How & When Did You First Realise You Were First Suffering From Hair Loss

I first noticed that I was experiencing hair loss when I was 47. I had always had good, thick hair throughout my lifetime so noticing the hair loss was a bit of a shock for me. I found that I was thinning around my crown and also thinning at the front – common signs of male-pattern baldness.

2. Why Did You Specifically Choose A Hair Transplant, Rhinoplasty, Liposuction & Fat Injection To Six Pack?

As I work as a model, I have always had great hairstyles and I didn’t want to lose my hair entirely or have to suffer with thinning or balding patches, which is why I opted for a hair transplant procedure. I chose rhinoplasty as I had broken my nose playing rugby earlier in my life and it was causing me some concern as it was impairing my breathing and giving me headaches. I also lost a lot of weight when I stopped playing rugby which led to me have a lot of excess fat around my stomach area, and I found that liposuction and fat injection to six pack procedures would help me to tone the area once again.

3. What Was Your Biggest Concern When Opting For These Procedures?

The recovery was my biggest concern, as I was worried about not being able to work for a lengthy period of time after the procedures. I wanted to know how long I had to recover for before I could hit the gym again. I was also worried about whether or not I would really be pleased with the results of the procedures – which, of course, I was.

4. How Have These Procedures Impacted Your Personal And Professional Life?

The procedures really helped to boost my self-confidence and allowed me to continue to work as a model.

5. Why Did You Decide To Travel To Turkey?

I had undertaken a lot of research on the internet when looking into where to have my procedures performed and I found Longevita’s clinics in Turkey. I was really impressed with the surgeons and the treatment, and also found that the prices for the procedures were very attractive.

6. Why Did You Choose Longevita?

I chose Longevita because of the surgeons who perform the procedures and also because of the aftercare service that was provided.

7. How Was Your Experience With Longevita?

I had a really positive experience with Longevita, from start-to-finish. I would recommend them to everyone!

8. Do You Think There Is Ever An Age When Someone Should Refrain From Having A Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery Treatment?

I’m 55 in October, so no, I don’t think there is ever an age when you should refrain from having a hair transplant or plastic surgery treatment. The whole concept of the procedures is to make you feel better about yourself and to boost your self-confidence, which is important at any age!

Russell Broadbent is just one of many happy patients who have had procedures performed at Longevita. We believe in helping each and every one of our patients achieve the look that they desire, no matter their age or preference, and will aim for the best results possible with procedures performed by some of the world’s most in-demand surgeons. To find out more about the procedures on offer, or to book in a free consultation, get in touch on 020 3409 1947 today.

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