Could The Cold Weather Have An Effect On Your Cosmetic Surgery Results?

The beginning of the New Year is a common time for people to ponder making some personal improvements, such as cutting out alcohol or working out more, and cosmetic surgery is no exception But could the cold weather have an effect on your cosmetic surgery results?

With this surge in interest that occurs in the chilly months, however, it’s important for your surgeon to explain the positive and negative effects of an operation in the winter period.

How Could The Cold Weather Have An Effect On Your Cosmetic Surgery Results?

Getting plastic surgery during winter can have the following pros and cons:

Prevents Unnecessary Sun Damage 

One of the biggest contributors to bad scarring is exposure to sunlight, which is especially common during the warmer seasons of the year. If you opt for cosmetic surgery during the late spring or summer, you might be tempted to expose your skin to sunlight before it’s medically advisable. On the other hand, if you book a cosmetic surgery date in the winter months, the lack of sunlight and decreased outdoor activity can ensure that your scar heals as inconspicuously as possible.

The longer you are able to keep your surgery site out of direct sunlight, in addition to always applying a high SPF broad action sunscreen, the better your wound will heal. When you commit to a cosmetic surgery procedure, you must pay close attention to your surgeon’s aftercare instructions. Your final transformation will be as much a result of your own dutifulness as your medical professional’s skill.

Gives More Time To Rest & Heal

One of the possibilities with any operation that involves an incision is that the recovery process might not go to plan. Sometimes the body’s own healing mechanisms can malfunction, resulting in a raised, red appearance that is known as a hypertrophic scar. This kind of reaction can also sometimes be caused by pressure or tension on the site of the incision. This could result from activity or clothing, particularly if you’ve just undergone surgery such as a tummy tuck.

In the winter, most people are less active than during the summer months, and less tempted to put their bodies through physical stress. When the climate is warmer, you might also opt for tighter clothing than the loose layers that are common in autumn and winter. These small differences can play a big role in the successful healing of your surgical procedure and can help you to achieve your desired result.

Be Careful About Extra Hydration 

While there are numerous benefits to opting for cosmetic surgery during the winter months, it’s important to also pay attention to a few of the negative effects that colder weather can have on your results. This way, if you opt for surgery then, you can prepare for these effects well in advance.

The winter months can be quite drying on the skin, so it’s important to ask your surgeon for a date when you can begin applying a moisturiser or oil to keep the incision site supple and improve healing. You can also make sure that you compensate for the dry environment by drinking plenty of water. Taking just a few of these steps will be particularly helpful for healing areas of skin that traditionally become dry in the winter, such as during a facial recovery from a recent facelift.

Weakened Immune Defenses

The winter is also a time when more people fall prey to common illnesses, such as cold and flu viruses, so it’s crucial to keep your immunity up. When you are recovering from cosmetic surgery, you don’t want to also battle other ailments.

Moreover, symptoms such as coughing could put a strain on your incision site and pull on the stitches, as well as create tension on your healing scar tissue. This is particularly true if you opt for a chest procedure, such as a breast lift or breast reduction. So, if you’re wondering “could the cold weather have an effect on your cosmetic surgery results”, the answer is that while it may be easier to recover, you still have to be very careful.


Could the cold weather have an effect on your cosmetic surgery results? Overall, winter is an ideal time to opt for a cosmetic surgery procedure. With a little careful planning and self-care, you can capitalise on the cold weather and lack of sunlight to ensure that your body heals quickly and efficiently. If you’re interested in a procedure around the winter holidays, make sure to consult a medical professional.

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