Has Dove Cameron Had Plastic Surgery?

Known for her sweet and bright persona, as well as a sultry and alluring voice, Disney star Dove Cameron might only be a stranger to a few. Having started acting when she was just 8, she has grown up in front of many people’s eyes. And so, her facial transformation hasn’t escaped notice.

While some attribute these changes to natural maturation with age and/or weight loss, others remain more sceptical of the singer’s significantly altered appearance. There have been countless rumours of Dove Cameron’s plastic surgery, and the list of procedures she’s believed to have had is surprisingly long. But before we get into that, some brief introductions are in order.

Who Is Dove Cameron?

Born on 15th January 1996, Dove Cameron (whose birth name was Chloe Celeste Hoffman before she legally changed it) is an American actress and singer. She’s famously known for playing the role of Mal in Descendants and the titular protagonists on Disney’s Liv and Maddy.

She started her career with stage production at Bainbridge Performing Arts, portraying roles such as young Cosette in Les Mis√©rables and Mary in The Secret Garden, before joining Disney’s TV movie, Bits and Pieces – the original title of Liv and Maddy.

The show had a 4-season-run after which it came to an abrupt end in 2017. However, well before then, Dove had become part of another hit franchise: Descendants. And even so, she also established a name for herself in the world of music, having churned out hits like Better in Stereo, If Only, and, of course, Boyfriend, which was the lead single of her latest album, Alchemical: Volume 1.

Did Dove Cameron Get Plastic Surgery?

While Dove has never gone on the record to address any of the allegations regarding her plastic surgery, it’s still widely believed that she’s been under the knife.

dove cameron plastic surgery
Image credit: VOGUE TaiwanDove Cameron Vogue – 4, Cropped by Longevita, CC BY 3.0 (L) and Blumhouse, VENGEANCE Official Trailer Dove Cameron, Cropped by Longevita, CC BY 3.0 (R)

In particular, it’s her nose, upper eyelids and lips that look significantly different when comparing her before and after photos. Although for the latter, she might just be getting dermal fillers, which is a non-surgical cosmetic injectable.

What Plastic Surgery Has Dove Cameron Had?

Dove Cameron is believed to have had the following cosmetic procedures:


One of the oft-talked-about changes with regards to Dove Cameron’s appearance is her nose. When she was young, it used to have a more bulbous tip. In addition, there was also a small but noticeable bump, so the nose of her slope wasn’t so straight (or curved as it became later). Overall, it also used to be wider.

Dove Cameron nose before and after
Dove Cameron’s nose in 2017 vs 2023/Image credit: dovecameron/Instagram (L) and NickRewindDove Cameron at KCAs 2023 01, Cropped by Longevita, CC BY 3.0 (R)

However, it’s believed that Dove first had her first nose job when she was still a teenager, around 17. Not only did the bump on her nose look smoothed out, but the tip also appeared more refined. Although, it did look a bit droopy in some of her later photos, and it’s speculated that she had another rhinoplasty to get the tip fixed. Her nose is now much straighter and slimmer.

Eyelid Surgery

Another procedure that Dove is widely believed to have had is eyelid surgery, considering earlier in her career, the singer had fairly hooded eyes (so much so that there was no fold visible in the upper eyelid).

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is one procedure that can help get rid of excess skin around the eyes, but that’s not the only contending surgery here. Instead, it’s also said that Dove may have had a fox eyelift, which is why her eyes, as well as the tail of her brows, look slanted upwards.

Buccal Fat Removal

Looking at Dove’s photos, it almost does look like that she might have had a buccal fat removal, also known as bichectomy. It involves removing fat pads from the lower cheeks, which makes them look quite chiselled and sleek, and it certainly is an aesthetic that can be seen on many models and celebrities.

Dove Cameron cheeks
Dove Cameron 2022/Image credit: dovecameron/Instagram

Boob Job

A boob job or breast augmentation is a fairly popular plastic surgery, and it’s another one of the list of those that Dove Cameron is believed to have had.

Some have noted that Dove’s breast size remains the same even with her experiencing weight changes, which could possibly be because of breast implants.

Since breasts are mostly fat, weight loss can reduce the overall breast size. Implants, however, do not lose volume over time (as long as they’re okay), so the breast size can remain the same.

Jaw Implant

Dove has, undoubtedly, a very sleek and defined jawline. However, that’s not exactly how it always was, which has fuelled the speculation of her having had implants to reshape her jawline.

Dove Cameron eyes
Dove Cameron 2023/Image credit: dovecameron/Instagram


This may come as a surprise to some, but it’s possible to form dimples on your cheeks through surgery. One reason why Dove is thought to have undergone a dimpleplasty is that in her earlier childhood photos, there are no dimples visible on her face. While it’s possible that she wasn’t photographed with them or developed them later in childhood, many believe that she had surgery for it.


As far as the use of dermal fillers goes, from Dove’s photos, it looks like she may be getting lip fillers. Initially, both her upper and lower lip used to be quite thin, but their volume has changed significantly since. However, that’s not the only area that’s speculated to be “filling up;” her chin’s another one, which used to have a slight cleft. It’s all smoothed out now though.

Dove Cameron lips before and after
Dove Cameron’s lips in 2013 vs 2021/Image credit: KidsPickFlicksDove Cameron 2013, Cropped by Longevita, CC BY 3.0 (L) and dovecameron/Instagram (R)


Dove Cameron’s plastic surgery has never been confirmed or denied either by the actress herself, although her before and after photos are enough evidence for many. In any case, the decision to get plastic surgery is a very personal one, and no one should be forced to talk about it (even if they’re a public figure).

If you’re also thinking about getting plastic surgery, make sure that you do your research to find someone who’s board-certified, qualified and understands what you’re looking for.

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