How to Get A Jawline?

How to Get A Jawline?

With the chiseled jawline trend taking over social media by storm, many people are looking for ways to develop one for themselves. How to get a jawline is the question that’s being asked around a lot these days. You’ll find pages and pages of listicles about people who have the perfectly chiseled jawline that’s to die for. Some people are simply born with it, while others might need to make some slight tweaks to their face to get the jawline that they want.

Now, there are more than a few ways by which you can go about getting the perfect jawline; some are easy enough, while for others, you might need to undergo relatively extensive treatment. To answer how to get a jawline, you’ll find there are tons of jawline exercises that are available online. Some claim that jawline chewing balls can help people get the jawline that they want. However, such claims can easily be false. You might just end up with facial pain from chewing too much. Moreover, these practices can be quite time-consuming and even wasteful.

Facial exercises do not guarantee any results. You can end up with sore muscles that will make it difficult for you to even eat! To make sure that you don’t pull your muscles, do consult a doctor before doing anything involving your mouth.

Why Are Defined Jawlines Considered More Attractive?

You might’ve heard many people say that someone has the jawline of a “Greek God” (cue images of Brad Pitt or Henry Cavill!). When someone has that, you can clearly trace the outer appearance of their jaw from the chin to the ears. It is angular, sharp, and well-defined. This doesn’t mean that people who have softer edges or “weak jawlines” aren’t attractive. It isn’t a physical deformity and doesn’t impact the physiology of the face. You can talk, eat, smile, and laugh just like any other person. However, you might not feel as confident about your appearance as a person with a stronger jawline does.

The obsession with a chiseled jawline might also have something to do with our obsession with symmetry. We like angular faces with symmetrical proportions. That might explain some of the irresistible charms that almost everyone feels towards celebrities; many of them have angular faces with defined jawlines.

Being attracted to males with chiseled jawlines might have something to do with evolution. Men who have stronger jawlines have been found to have higher testosterone levels. This entails greater strength. On the other hand, females with sharper jawlines exude grace and strength, which are considered quite attractive. Sharp, chiseled jawlines have for long become associated with a sign of good health. This can explain why many people want to know how to get a jawline!

Can You Change the Shape of Your Jaw With Facial Exercises?

The internet is rife with articles and tutorials on how you can achieve this with exercise, but exercise alone might not work. Some even claim that chewing gum can help. In one technique called mewing, the person flattens their tongue out against the roof of the mouth. It is said to help in facial restructuring, but one cannot say for sure that it works.

Facial massages and face rollers are thought to contour the face and help bring out the jawline, but the veracity of this claim is also in the dark. Jawrsize claims to burn fat in the face, exercise the facial muscles to help with the jawline. Again, one cannot say for sure that it works.

Some claim that muscle exercises, including chin lifts help. Other muscle exercises include those where you clench your jaw for a few seconds, make a fish face by sucking your cheeks in, or doing chin-ups. However, what does or doesn’t work, no one knows for sure.

Some exercises involve the neck muscles, such as the neck curl-up. When exercising the neck muscles, you need to be careful around the skin of the neck as it is thinner. You can try these out for yourself and see if you notice any difference after some time. If not, then you might just be wasting your time doing something that won’t yield any results.

The idea behind chewing gum is that the action would exercise the facial muscles. Chewing gum also improves blood circulation. The movement of the jaw from chewing can help sharpen the jawline as the person continues to burn fat in the face as a result. The reasoning behind it sounds okay, right? But the problem is that these exercises will not drastically change your facial structure. Even though you will move your muscles quite a lot, it might not be enough to make much of a difference. There isn’t enough research backing up these claims, so you can only guess if it will work or not.

The bigger problem is that doing some of these exercises can actually harm you. They can cause headaches, make your jaw click and pop. You can even end up injuring the joint that connects your jawbone to the skull. Here, little knowledge can be very dangerous. Your muscles might feel sore and even ache as a result of over-chewing. Constantly working the skin can also sag it. Even if you’re thinking of trying out a facial exercise, make sure to consult a professional doctor about it.

Then, How To Get A Jawline of Your Dreams?

Before getting into that, we want to make it clear that there’s nothing wrong with the so-called “weak” jawlines. It doesn’t mean that they are unattractive in any way. Every person is unique in their own way. One doesn’t have to have an angular jaw to look beautiful.

However, sometimes, you might feel the need to have one because it might suit your facial features better. Surgeries can target the chin, neck, and lower jaw areas of the face. Some also involve skin tightening. So, if you are seeking a defined jawline, you can benefit from plastic surgeries.

Jawline Surgery

The jawline surgery directly targets the jaw. The surgery can reshape the jaw of the person, which will impact the overall shape of the face. Either the surgery can reduce the size of the jawbone by shaving it down, or it can help enhance the appearance of the jawbone. It can also be used for realignment. Certain problems with the jaw can cause pain and even make it difficult for the person to eat a jawline surgery can help here.

Depending on the needs of the patient, the surgery can take place on the upper or lower jaw. It is a great way to achieve the dream jawline that you want. You cannot solely rely on exercises to help give you a sharp jaw. Sometimes, surgery is the best way to ensure that you achieve satisfactory results.

Chin Augmentation

In this surgery, chin implants are placed in the face through the surgery. The patient does not have to worry about visible scarring here. Because the incision is made on the inside of the mouth. The chin implant is customised to the jawbone of the patient so that it looks natural and feels comfortable.

Neck Liposuction

The fat in your face can obscure the structure of your jawbone lying underneath. Neck liposuction removes the fat that is present right underneath the skin around the neck and jawline. Once removed, it helps enhance the appearance of your jawbone. It works best for those patients who have elastic skin. Moreover, the person should be near their ideal weight. The procedure doesn’t involve the reshaping of the jawbone. It simply removes the fat that obscuring the appearance of the jawbone.

Facelift And/Or Neck Surgeries

As you grow older, sagging skin will become an issue. This happens as it loses its elasticity. However, this can act as a reason why your jawline is not as defined and sharp. It gets hidden beneath the folds of the hanging skin. Through a facelift and/or neck surgery, the surgeon will tighten the skin in the target areas (lower face and neck). Older patients can benefit more from this procedure.

How To Get A Chiseled Jawline With Non-Surgical Treatments?

The good news is, yes, there are non-surgical treatments that can help you get your dream jawline. So, let’s take a look at them.

Dermal Fillers

With the help of dermal fillers, you can enhance the angle of your jawbone. It works best for those who already have a defined and toned jawline, but it’s not that prominent or angular yet. With the help of a few injections, you can achieve the desired results. However, dermal fillers are not permanent. You can enjoy its results for a year or so.


Botox works by stopping the muscles from contracting. This, in turn, helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Here, the injection of Botox in the masseter muscles of the face. People who have large masseter muscles can undergo this treatment for a slimmer, V-shaped jawline.


When it comes to the shape of the face, many people can feel conscious about the smallest of details. However, the jawbone essentially lends structure to the face and determines how it will look. Many people are born with cheekbones and jawbones that are to die for. However, others have to clench their jaws, do a number of exercising routines to get somewhat closer to what they want. They might still not end up with the look they want. If that’s the case with you, you can consider surgical or non-surgical treatments that definitely promise prominent results. You’ll end up with a toned jawline, look good, and feel confident. To book your package, contact us right now!

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