Internal Bra Surgery Revealed: Does it really work?

In the world of plastic surgery, you’ll come to hear about “surgical revolutions” every other day. No one’s to blame here. After all, scientific endeavours aim to enhance the quality of life of human beings. But sometimes, there are simply fads. They come, create some buzz, and then get lost in oblivion.

That’s because, with time, many people realize that those surgeries don’t have much to offer. This might also be the case with internal bra surgery. It has become quite popular these days, so, naturally, there are a lot of claims about it. However, here, we intend to dig deep and find out if this surgery is actually worth it.

Most of the time, internal bra surgery draws comparisons with traditional breast lift surgery. According to some surgeons, one drawback of breast lift surgery is that due to gravity, the breasts start to sag again, but this isn’t something that happens if the patient undergoes internal bra surgery.

While there are other surgeons who claim that breast lift surgery is similar to internal bra surgery, knowing the details of the two procedures is important because only then you can make the right decision for yourself.

What is Internal Bra Surgery?

It would be wrong to simply go about saying that internal bra surgery is bad or good. To make any such claims, one needs to know at least what the surgery is. Now, some claim that internal bra surgery makes the wearing of bras redundant. That’s not true.

In the surgery, the surgeon inserts silicone cups in the area underneath the breasts. These silicone cups are, in turn, attached to the ribs with the help of screws, which help keep them in place. The purpose of this surgery is to hold the position and shape of the breasts. Support is provided to the breasts on the inside. Hence, the name internal bra surgery.

What Are the Benefits of Internal Bra Surgery?

Some claim that the surgery is useful in dealing with complications that can arise as a result of breast augmentation surgery. Sometimes, the implant sizes are too large, and wrong-sized implants can cause symmastia. It happens when the implants move close together towards the cleavage. This results in the appearance of what is known as a “uni-boob.” It is claimed that internal bra surgery can even treat symmastia. 

Other than that, poor surgical technique can displace the implants. It can result in “bottoming out”, where the implants move towards the lateral or lower positions of the breasts in relation to the position of the nipple.

It can happen due to over dissection, cutting of the lower muscle or simple effects of gravity. Here, again, some claim that internal bra surgery can help resolve the problem as it can tighten the implant pocket. It can seemingly provide greater strength and support to it, which helps keep the implant in place.

Another complication is known as a “double bubble” where the appearance is of two “breast bubbles” on one breast. A groove forms on the breast underneath the nipple. It happens when the implant position is lower than the inframammary crease. Some say that internal bra surgery can also correct this problem.

Some surgeons also claim that internal bra surgery can improve the results of breast reduction or breast lift surgeries and ensure greater satisfaction among the patients. Those in favour of it also say that through internal bra surgery, the surgeon can give the appearance of a lengthened body frame because the skin of the lower breast is moved upwards. Keep in mind that there’s no scientific evidence backing these claims so you should take them with the tiniest grain of salt. 

What Is The Procedure of Internal Bra Surgery?

In this surgery, the surgeon will insert a cup-shaped material into the lower region of the breast after giving general anaesthesia. This is then attached to the ribs, giving them a sling-like appearance. Thus, it sort of creates an internal bra. This helps provide more support and strength to the breast.

It is important to note that this mesh material will not remain in the body. It will eventually dissolve and go away on its own. In its place, scar tissue will form, which will perform the same function of providing support. However, keep in mind that even though the surgery creates internal bra support, it is in no way a substitute for a regular bra. It is important that you wear a bra to provide support to your breasts.

Does Internal Bra Surgery Really Work?

To make case for internal bra surgery, some surgeons argue that the breast lift procedure doesn’t give lasting results because the breasts begin to sag after some time (years) because of, well, gravity. To prevent sagging, some suggest internal bra surgery. The surgery isn’t new. In fact, it has been around for more than three decades.

The surgery may better suit those who have very large breasts since the surgery can provide support. However, there’s no scientific data actually backing up the usefulness of the surgery. Moreover, the surgery can cause many complications, which is why it is probably not a good idea to undergo it. If you’re seriously considering getting one, make sure that you consult a board-certified plastic surgeon.

What Are the Risks and Complications of Internal Bra Surgery?

Internal bra surgery can cause more complications than traditional breast lift surgery. The placement of mesh material increases the risk of infection and scarring. In the case of internal bra surgery, the mesh is made part of the breast tissue. Yet, it becomes quite difficult to remove it in case of infection.

It can also impact the overall appearance of the breast. Meshes made of synthetic material can also be rejected by the body being seen as a foreign object. It can also cause extrusion since the surgeon places the mesh close to the skin and it interferes with mammography.

Does Longevita Recommend Internal Bra Surgery?

For that, we made sure to interview our plastic surgeon, who provided us with details on the surgery. Our surgeon says that internal bra surgery is not the right way to think about it as surgeons perform breast surgery with an anchor incision (inverted T).

“About 10-15 years ago, internal bra surgery claimed to suspend the subcutaneous tissue from the inside to the edges. That is, in cases where an anchor incision is made. However, with time we have learned that it doesn’t work! In the anchor incision, as the under-breast is also cut, it sags again in a short time.

“Since the vertical mammoplasty aka the lollipop incision, we do not cut under the breast. This helps prevent sagging. That’s why a lollipop incision is preferred. It also causes less scarring. It is better, under any circumstance than cutting the under-breast completely. So, the internal bra is definitely not the right way to think about it where the surgeon uses anchor incision.”

What’s The Best Alternative to Internal Bra Surgery?

There are other surgical alternatives that you can consider other than an internal bra. This breast surgery can help provide you with the support that you need.

The Lollipop Breast Lift

There are many different types of breast lift procedures that are performed, and the variations arise as a result of the incisions that are made. Lollipop incision gets its name from the appearance of the incision it creates. It circles the areola and then moves downward, making it look like a lollipop. This incision can help moderately lift the breasts and elevate the nipples.

In this surgery, it is also possible to get rid of excess skin. Thus, the surgeon can tighten the breasts for a firmer, smoother appearance. The vertical incision on the lower breast allows the surgeon to tighten the skin in the direction of the incision. As mentioned above, according to our surgeon, vertical mammoplasty helps prevent sagging. It can prominently enhance the appearance of the breasts and the elevation can make them look perkier.

Breast Lift Surgery with Implants

In breast augmentation surgery, the surgeon places implants to increase the size of the breasts. And through a breast lift, you can ensure that your breasts stay in shape and don’t sag under the weight of the implants.

You can combine these plastic surgeries together to achieve the best possible results. People who do get these surgeries together also don’t need to get too big implants to have more pronounced results from the breast surgery. The breast lift with implants will remove excess, sagging skin and make the breasts look perky and smooth.

Together breast lift and augmentation can give your breasts an even better appearance than you could have achieved with just one of the procedures. It is quite suitable for those people who have sagging breasts. Breast implants will increase the size, and a breast lift will hold the shape of the breasts. With these two surgeries, you can alter the breast tissue in a manner that is desirable to you. This way, you can feel more confident about the way you look.

Concluding Remarks

When it comes to plastic surgery, it’s important that you know about the procedure that you’re getting. You want to make sure that the surgery doesn’t harm your breast tissue in any way. That also depends on the clinic from where you’ll have the surgery.

Internal bra surgery is a fad at most. It is better to get a breast lift with breast implants or a lollipop incision breast lift. If you’re struggling with the appearance of your breasts, contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll discuss different treatment options with you.

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