MAFS Peggs Rose’s Plastic Surgery

Peggy Rose Larwrence is a divisive figure, to say the least. With Married at First Sight’s (MAFS) latest season shooting her star to enormous fame, much has been said about her. From her values to her general persona and glamorous looks, even Peggy’s purchase of a new car managed to earn her the ire of the public. But, the transformation in her overall appearance has attracted some of the most attention.

Seeing how the differences are so dramatic, many viewers of the show have been quick to point out that the reality TV star most likely had not one but multiple plastic surgeries along with non-surgical injectables. She’s not the only contestant to have made headlines about that, but her relationship with her husband Georges has especially put her under the spotlight. Regardless, let’s take a closer look at Peggy from MAFS’ plastic surgery rumours.

Who Is Peggy Rose From MAFS?

Hailing from Kent, Peggy Rose Lawrence is a woman who’s worn many hats. Once a technology risk partner, which, as per Capital FM, is a “consultant in an IT setting,” she found fame as a reality TV star in the 2023 season of Married at First Sight (although that wasn’t her first stint in the showbiz). And according to the latest reports, she quit her tech job after recently landing a five-figure job in the fashion industry.

Peggy Rose MAFS
Image credit: peggyroseofficial via Instagram

While her marriage with Georges has gotten everyone talking about her in all sorts of ways, Peggy actually made her reality TV debut back in 2012 at the age of 19 in ITV’s Take Me Out, another dating show.

At that time, the host of Take Me Out, Paddy McGuinness, had even branded Peggy as “picky Peggy” – a title which has since taken on a new life – because she used to be “picky” about the person she would keep the light on for. Since Andrew, however, Peggy found Georges as her life partner on MAFS, and although things have been quite shaky between them, they are still a couple.

Did Peggs Rose From MAFS Have Plastic Surgery?

Even though Peggy Rose hasn’t confirmed or denied having plastic surgery, it’s believed that the TV star had treatments like brow lifts, implants, Botox, fillers, and possibly a boob job.

Many media outlets reported Peggy looking “unrecognisable” compared to her past self in Take Me Out. Then, a brunette wearing large hoops with smoky eyes and a black corset, her style and looks used to be drastically different from what they are now.

While some of the changes could be attributed to ageing and her fashion transformation, the overall structure of her face looks so different that some people are having a hard time reconciling the Peggy of Take Me Out and the Peggy of Married at First Sight.

Which Plastic Surgery Did Peggy Rose Have?

Peggy is believed to have had the following cosmetic treatments:


The secret behind Peggy’s wrinkle-free visage has been attributed to none other than Botox. But some think that Peggy went a bit overboard with this injectable as her face looks like it’s “frozen.” Even when she’s crying, it almost looks like she can’t express what she’s feeling completely on her face.


Botox or Botulinum toxin injection is a popular treatment for smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines on the face. It works by paralysing certain muscles for a temporary period of time, usually 3-4 months.

Done well, Botox can look quite natural without making your face look frozen and/or unnatural. Dosage, of course, plays an important role in this regard, but do the needs of the patient. An experienced practitioner will take these and other factors into account before injecting.


Peggy Rose has an obviously and noticeably bigger pout now than she used to have, leading to speculations that she had dermal fillers for her lips. Both her upper and lower lip look much bigger in proportion now than in the Take Me Out days, which is probably the result of this volumising cosmetic injectable.

Lip injections

Dermal fillers are made of a gel-like substance that’s also naturally found in different places in the body, called the hyaluronic acid. Not only can it promote collagen production in the body, but it can also retain moisture because it’s a humectant.

With dermal fillers too, not overdoing them is the key to making the results look natural. If too much filler is used or the filler migrates, it can give the lips a classic “duck” shape.


The two areas of Peggy’s face that look more voluminous are her cheeks and, to an extent, her chin. Some rumours suggest that Peggy had an implant in her chin. Her chin does look pointer than before, and in addition, her face also looks longer, which could be the result of the added volume.

It’s just as possible that the MAFS-alum had fillers instead of implants although some people might prefer implants over fillers since the former is intended to be permanent. Fillers can last from anywhere between 6 months to 2 years, but in contrast to implants, you might need multiple treatments to maintain the results.

Brow Lift

One MAFS’ Peggy’s plastic surgery that is widely believed to have happened is a brow lift, and it’s mainly because the tail of her eyebrows looks quite lifted (far more so than in 2012). It might also be the reason why she has this pulled-back “snatched” look, and it’s a notable difference in the before and after of Peggy from MAFS’ plastic surgery.

Mafs Peggy Rose brow lift
Image credit: peggyroseofficial via Instagram

In a brow lift, the surgeons make an incision to readjust and even remove tissues to raise the forehead and the eyebrows. Other than raising the eyebrows, the procedure is meant to get rid of signs of ageing, like wrinkles and frown lines, to give the face a more youthful appearance.

Since Peggy is only 32, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for her to have had this surgery, considering she was unlikely to have poor skin elasticity at that age. It’s possible that she might’ve had a thread lift instead, which is non-surgical and works by placing and pulling a medical-grade thread underneath the skin. But even for that, Cleveland Clinic suggests that good candidates are those who “are in their late 30s and early 50s).

Boob Job

Again, there’s no confirmation whether Peggy had a breast augmentation, but her husband had made some “curious” remarks regarding this procedure.

Bra with implants

As reported in the heat world, this is what Georges actually said to the show’s producers, “I love fake boobs. You can’t beat them; the shape, symmetry, they just feel great.” And to the people who were offended, he said, “…sorry if that offends people, but I’m not going to lose sleep over that. It’s just a preference.”

We think there’s enough said here.

Nose Job

A nose job or rhinoplasty is another procedure Peggy is believed to have had, but it doesn’t really look like she had this procedure. In the show Take Me Out as well, her nose was fairly slim and long. There was a small button-tip with a slight droop, and it looks the same now as well.

nose job

New Teeth

Of course, this isn’t plastic surgery, but Peggy Rose’s teeth are also quite different now. Before, one of her front teeth was a bit discoloured, but other than that, they looked pretty normal; the edges of her teeth were rounder, and there was a clear and natural-looking gradation.

Now, Peggy’s teeth are almost the same length, so they’re almost unusually even. The discolouration is also gone now, and she has a sparkling pearly white in its stead. It could possibly be the result of dental crowns or veneers.


Peggy From MAFS Before And After Plastic Surgery

Before, meaning when she was on Take Me Out, the height of Peggy’s face seemed relatively shorter. Prominently, her face also looked less fuller, and of course, the tails of her eyebrows weren’t as lifted. Overall, her face looked more natural.

peggy mafs plastic surgery
Peggy Rose in 2016 vs 2023/Image credit: peggyroseofficial via Instagram

Now, however, possibly due to a chin implant or fillers, her face looks a bit longer. Her cheeks are also quite voluminous, as well as her lips. Moreover, her face looks a bit pulled back, which could be due to a lifting treatment.


The pictures of MAFS’ Peggy before plastic surgery (alleged) and after are telling enough for many to draw their own conclusions. What should, however, be said is that even though she is a public figure, what she chooses to do with her own body is completely her decision. She might open up about it in the future, or she might not because it’s something that is deeply personal.

You don’t need to be ashamed of getting plastic surgery. And if you’re considering it, what’s important is that you do your research to find a qualified, experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon who can give you the best possible results depending on your needs.

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