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5 Things To Do The Day Before Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

While for some people the thought of having cosmetic surgery the next day might fill them with excitement, others may find the run up more stressful and worrying. In order to put any fears to rest and ensure that the following day runs as smoothly as possible, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you are as prepared as possible.

  1. Showering

It is recommended that the day before you are due to undergo surgery that you wash yourself with a mild soap such as Dove or any other brand that uses minimal chemicals. The idea behind this is that there will not be any additional essences, oils or substances in your soap/ body wash to remain on the surface of your skin. This will help to ensure that any monitors that will be placed on your skin will stick effectively.

  1. Hair Washing

While this may not be a top priority for every patient, it is important to note that the wound you receive after surgery may mean that you will be unable to wash your hair for a few days afterward. This is why you may wish to wash your hair the night before so that your hair is as clean as possible for the next few days and will allow your scar to become waterproof. Your surgeon will give you instructions as to when you will be able to continue showering normally.

  1. Food

It is recommended that you eat only a light meal the day before your surgery to minimise the chances of you suffering from nausea as a result of anaesthetics. This will allow you to feel as well as possible when you wake up. Similarly it is important to bear in mind that your bowl movements decrease following cosmetic surgery due to the anaesthesia and other pain medications. Try to not eat or drink after midnight and consult with your doctor for specific instructions when it comes to your diet and eating habits prior to surgery.

  1. Drink

Having any food or drink in your stomach can mean that when you are under anaesthesia, your gag reflex will not work and this could mean that the contents of your stomach can go up into your lungs. Be sure that you take the advice of your surgeon and do not drink after midnight the day before you are due to have a cosmetic procedure. If you are due to have surgery later in the day then you can avoid feeling dehydrated by having a glass or so of water up to 4 hours before surgery.

  1. Sleep

While it may be easier said than done if you are feeling anxious, make sure that you try to get as much sleep as possible not only the day before but a few days prior to your surgery. This will aid in the recovery process and will also allow you to feel more at ease overall.

On the day of surgery

When the day of your surgery finally arrives it is important that you do the following:

  • Brush your teeth and maybe have a final shower (again with a mild soap)
  • Take any prescription medication you need to – this should have already been cleared with your surgeon before hand
  • Dress yourself in something loose and comfortable and preferably something that involves having buttons at the front as opposed to those which involve you lifting them over your head
  • Leave all valuables at home and remove all piercings from your body as they can cause burns when electrocautery is in use
  • Take off any nail varnish as this can cause oxygen monitors to not work properly
  • Do not bother with aftershave, perfume, makeup etc. as this will only need to be removed anyway

Through being as prepared as possible for your surgical procedure you will find that you are able to have a more comfortable experience and a faster recovery too. As these tips speak of cosmetic surgery as a whole, we recommend that you also always speak with your surgeon to ensure that you are able to best prepare for your specific procedure. Get in touch with our experts here at Longevita to find out more about the procedure of your choice.

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