“Age Does Not Matter For Plastic Surgery,” Says Surgeon At Longevita

At what age should you not have plastic surgery? Many people have the same question. According to Longevita surgeon Dr Fuat Yuksel, age is irrelevant when it comes to plastic surgery, with just one exception. Usually, in cosmetic surgery, patients over and under 65 have the same complication rate. 

A recent study suggests the same and states that health is more important than age. It examined the records of over 125,000 cosmetic surgery patients. Investigators wanted to see if older patients (over 65) had more complications than younger ones. 

Overall, the complication rate was not significantly different between the two groups. A surprising finding of the study was that older patients were in better health than younger patients. It is because they are less likely to smoke and be overweight.

Even though it isn’t always medically necessary, plastic surgery is still a surgery. Your surgeon needs to handle your case with extreme caution and care to achieve a successful outcome. However, Dr Fuat Yuksel also advises patients to consider a few things before undergoing surgery.

Physical Health

Your surgeon should assess the following before going ahead with plastic surgery your:

  • Overall health
  • Medical history (certain medical conditions can make the procedure unsafe)
  • Current medications
  • Skin quality
  • Expectations from the surgery (to formulate a treatment plan)

Emotional Health 

Cosmetic surgery should also take psychological health into account. Having reasonable expectations and being psychologically capable of following preoperative and postoperative instructions is crucial. 

Sometimes, congenital deformities and traumatic injuries can affect the emotional well-being of the patient. In this case, plastic surgery may be beneficial for psychological health. 

What’s The Exception To The No Age Limit Rule? 

A tummy tuck can cause more severe complications in patients 65 and older. The following people are the best candidates for this surgery: 

  • They do not smoke. 
  • They’re in good health.
  • They’ve achieved their ideal weight. 
  • They can take time to recover. 
  • They are willing to follow pre-and post-operative instructions. 
  • They’re intent on maintaining their results.


A patient’s age does not matter when it comes to plastic surgery (except for tummy tuck). Your board-certified surgeon should check your health and ensure you do not have any underlying health issues. This will ensure that you undergo surgery safely. 

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