Has Amanda Holden Had Plastic Surgery?

The Britain’s Got Talent judge and Heart FM radio host Amanda Holden has been a TV staple for many years. In fact, the celeb made her small-screen debut back in 1991 when she was just 20 years old. 

It’s been more than 30 years since, but Amanda continues to look just as ageless and glamorous. And that’s fuelled many rumours about the presenter having had plastic surgery, a facelift in particular.  

Amanda, however, says that she has never been under the knife because of a skin problem. So, are all the Amanda Holden’ plastic surgery rumours simply false? 

Or is there any other secret treatment that the celeb’s been getting for her age-defying looks? Let’s find out!   

Who Is Amanda Holden?

Amanda Louise Holden was born on February 16, 1971 (she’s 52 at the time of writing), in Portsmouth, Hampshire, to Frank Holden and Judith Mary Harrison. In an interview with Reader’s Digest, the actress said that even though she’d grown up in a quite rural area, she was very “influenced by music, drama and entertainment.” 

amanda holden
May, 2023 (Image Source: Instagram)

She attended Swanmore College for her secondary education, after which she went to Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts for her diploma. In 2019, the school also awarded her an honorary doctorate degree. 

However, even before getting her diploma in 1992, Amanda began acting in small television roles. First, she was a contestant in Blind Date. But soon after graduating, she landed a role in the true crime TV series In Suspicious Circumstances. 

From then on, she was a part of various projects, including We Know Where You Live, Kiss Me Kate, The Grimleys, Hearts and Bones, Cutting It, and Wild At Heart. However, it wasn’t until Britian’s Got Talent in 2007 that really changed things for her (really, almost all of the judges are household names).

She’s been on the show for almost 17 years now, but, reportedly, she’s quitting because of relocation to the US. But the celeb has got other things going on for her, most notably her radio show Heart UK Breakfast with Jamie and Amanda with millions of listeners. 

Did Amanda Holden Get Plastic Surgery?

Amanda Holden has denied getting any plastic surgery. Even so, it looks like she’s had other cosmetic treatments over the years, including Botox and fillers.

The actress has also been quite open about some of the treatments she’s had, like collagen wave facials, Emface, Thermage or Morpheus8. 

However, because her visage remains very smooth and wrinkle-free, many suspect that she actually had a surgical facelift. It’s a procedure in which excess skin is cut out, fat is sculpted, and the underlying muscles of the face are tightened. 

The BGT judge though, insists that it isn’t the secret behind her youthful looks. In a 2021 interview with You Magazine, Amanda said, “I have keloid skin, which makes (surgery) not such a great proposition.” 

Those who have keloid-prone skin end up forming excessive scar tissue, which can end up spreading from the initial site of the injury. The scar itself is also thick and raised and, of course, causes aesthetic problems. 

Since a facelift involves cutting into the skin, no matter how discrete the incisions are, keloid scarring is a risk. And if you’re already prone to developing such scars, you need to discuss this with your surgeon in advance. 

In Amanda’s case, however, the model simply might have decided to not go ahead with the surgery. There are certainly no surgery scars/incision marks to be seen on the side of Amanda’s face (near the ears).

But that hasn’t stopped others from making fun of the presenter’s alleged procedures. 

Back in 2022, Jimmy Carr, who himself has had a hair transplant, Botox, filler, and veneers, took a moment to “thank the doctors and nurses that have worked tirelessly over the last couple of years..” before he veered off and added, “on Amanda’s new face…”

What Cosmetic Treatments Has Amanda Holden Had?

Amanda Holden may have had the following cosmetic treatments over the years: 


Amanda did experiment with Botox before giving it up in 2012 because of the traumatic delivery of her daughter Hollie. 

Botox essentially blocks signals from the nerves to stimulate muscles in the face (or anywhere else). As a result, the skin on top is smoothed out, which helps with the appearance of age lines and wrinkles. 

While it’s possible that Amanda gave these injections up for a few years, she might be getting them again because the lines on her face have diminished quite a lot in the last few years.

amanda holden plastic surgery
Amanda Holden in 2020 vs 2023 (Images Source: Instagram)

Where she had bunny lines on her nose and even crow’s feet around her eyes, it all looks much more smoothed out now, which could be thanks to Botox. 


Amanda’s pout, in particular, has gotten unmistakably plumper over the years. And this has led many to believe that she’s been getting dermal fillers. The same’s been said for her cheeks as well for how full they look.

This might just be the case. Although about her cheeks, there might be other explanations. 

Collagen Wave Facials

Collagen wave is a non-surgical treatment that’s marketed as an alternative to Botox and fillers. As the name suggests, the goal of the treatment is to stimulate the production of collagen and tighten the face. 

It uses a combination of “radio frequency and ultrasound waves” to do that. With radiofrequency treatments, the goal is to use heat to trigger the production of collagen, and it does work (although not so dramatically). Ultrasound waves also create heat and hence collagen. 

So, it might explain why Amanda’s cheeks look so plump and her face so smooth. She admitted to getting these facials in 2020. 

But this is the kind of treatment you need repeatedly, which can be quite expensive. Depending on the area being covered, this treatment can cost you as much as £800 and more. 


Morpheus8 is another non-surgical treatment that uses radiofrequency and microneedling to stimulate collagen production and contour the face. Amanda has admitted to getting this as well. 

And the Britain’s Got Talent judge also said that “the results have been absolutely amazing. I’ve noticed a real plumpness to my skin and it’s much tighter!”

But this is another treatment you can expect to fork out £1,000 or more for. And its results are also not permanent. 


Amanda has also snapped herself with Emface tapped all over her face. Deemed as a non-surgical facelift, it uses radiofrequency and electrical stimulation to tighten the skin.

Amanda holden non surgical facelift
Image Source: Amanda Holden Instagram

In addition to working out the muscles of the face, the heat from radiofrequency also promotes collagen production in the skin. And that can help with mild wrinkles, fine lines, and volume loss. 

Just around 4 sessions of this can cost you £3,000. 


Another treatment that Amanda reportedly has is Thermage. This is also a skin-tightening device that uses radiofrequency to promote collagen production. 

It’s also not permanent, and you can expect to pay £2,500 to £3,000 for getting just one area treated.


Amanda Holden’s plastic surgery rumours may be groundless, but the presenter has had many other cosmetic treatments to maintain the youthfulness of her skin. 

Of course, she also needs to be credited for having a healthy lifestyle where she does yoga, meditation, bodyweight workouts, cold water therapy, etc. 

However, this all comes with a very huge price tag, which isn’t too much of a problem when you’re a hugely famous TV personality. 

If you’re also looking to get cosmetic treatments, you must consult a qualified, experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist first. They’ll prepare a treatment plan for you based on your needs and expectations. 

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