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How To Keep Scarring To A Minimum After Invasive Surgery

Whether you’re opting for a tummy tuck, or breast lift procedure, there are a number of concerns that many patients will have in regards to scarring. While a number of cosmetic procedures are gradually becoming less invasive, in order to naturally help to reduce scarring, it should be expected but you can take a number of steps to help keep any scarring to a minimum.

Healthy Lifestyle

While no scarring at all is not always an option when it comes to some procedures, such as a tummy tuck, minimal scarring can be achieved with the help of a healthy lifestyle. Before your procedure, your surgeon will discuss your lifestyle with you and whether or not the treatments that you are looking to have carried out are best suited to your frame and current weight, keeping to a healthy lifestyle can help to decrease any chances of scarring even further. There are a number of things that you should consider before you have your surgery that can help with the healing process in order to minimise scarring. Firstly, if you are a smoker, you should aim to stop smoking for at least 4 weeks before your procedure and for a number of weeks (if not permanently) after. These rules may also apply for e-cigarette smoking. This will help to keep your skin and blood cells oxygenated in order to help the skin to heal.

If you are opting for a tummy tuck, then sticking to a healthy diet, whether that’s with the objective to lose weight or to stay fit, is always a good choice. This will help to ensure that you will not start putting weight back on and therefore counteracting the effects of your tummy tuck. If you are opting for liposuction, then you may need to lose a little bit of weight first of all before you can qualify for the procedure, but this will be discussed with you during your consultation prior to your procedure.

Helping Scars To Fade

While scars will gradually fade by themselves over time, there are a number of tried and tested methods that may be able to provide you with a helping hand if you are looking to quicken the process. One thing to keep in mind however, is if you are in your initial recovery period, you must only apply any lotions or creams that are provided or recommended by your surgeon, and you should follow any post-procedure instructions as carefully as possible. After this period however, there are a few steps that you can take which MIGHT help to reduce possible scarring.

Firstly, taking arnica supplements may be able to help with reducing scarring, alongside the use of lotions and creams. If you are struggling with aggressive scarring (possibly as a result of being a smoker), then there are a few silicone-based scar creams that may be able to help – however these should only be used under instruction of a chemist or doctor. Other more natural ways to help reduce scarring is to remain hydrated and in some cases, keeping the affected areas elevated. Everybody’s body will heal differently after procedures so you may find that you are barely affected by scarring at all.

Initial Recovery Period

After your procedure, your surgeon will give you a series of specific instructions that you should follow in order to aid with your initial recovery. While there are a number of different instructions depending on the procedure, some of the most common will include keeping any incisions out of direct sunlight, resting, not lifting heavy weights, avoiding exercise for a certain period of time etc. Following these instructions carefully and not rushing your downtime after a procedure (no matter how minimal the downtime may be predicted to be) is the best way to help your body to heal and ultimately reduce any scarring.

Your initial consultation with our specialists will help to ensure that you are always aware of the risks and benefits of any of the procedures that you may be looking to have. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and book in a medical procedure in Turkey with Longevita.

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