Study Reveals Nose Job Changes Your Personality

Put those internet personality quizzes aside; we’ve got something better for you. The secret to learning about the real you lies in your nose!

The shape and size of your nose reveal the kind of person you are. But what if someone gets a rhinoplasty to change their nose? Would that change the kind of person they are? 

Here at Longevita, we went on a quest to discover the secret personality-giving powers of the nose. 

To do so, we sent out a survey to Longevita patients to find out if they had noticed a change in their personality after the surgery. Needless to say, we come bearing answers. 

A Study of Noses 

Of the 32 participants in the study, 22 were females and 10 males. In addition, the age of more than half of the participants was 30 and above. 

Age Gender

We showed 9 nose types to the participants and asked them to choose the one that best described theirs before and after the surgery took place.

Nose Types

50% of the participants had a hooked nose before the surgery; more than 18% had aquiline, and nearly 13% had a droopy nose.

Moreover, those with hooked, aquiline and droopy noses preferred having a button, straight, and upturned nose, respectively. 

After the surgery, more than 40% of the participants had a button nose. Around 22% had an upturned, and 18.8% had a straight nose.

Certainly, this is indicative of the popular nose types among people who want to get a rhinoplasty. Most importantly, 81.2% of the participants had these three nose types after the surgery. 

Most Popular Nose Types

Furthermore, it should be noted that of the 32 participants, the study analyses the data of 21.

It includes the responses of only those patients who had the most common pre-op nose types: hooked, aquiline, and droopy and the most common post-op nose types: button, upturned, and straight.

There’s a high contrast between the personality traits associated with these pre-and post-op nose types. Therefore, it would significantly highlight any personality changes due to a nose job.

What These 6 Nose Types Say About the Personality

To understand that, Longevita found the common personality traits associated with the nose types most common before the surgery (Group 1: hooked, aquiline, and droopy) and the nose types most common after the surgery (Group 2: button, straight, and upturned). Moreover, we pooled the common personality traits in Group 1 and Group 2. 

Group 1 

Hooked Nose: Kind, passionate, empathic, and deep thinkers. They aren’t afraid of taking risks and letting others know their honest opinions. However, they know how to remain diplomatic. 

Aquiline Nose: They are born to lead. Headstrong and ambitious, they have a way with words and know how to make an impact. 

Droopy Nose: Stern, driven, and practical. Above all, they desire power and independence. 

Personality Traits Pool: Power-loving, determined, and leaders.

Group 2

Button Nose: Spontaneous, affectionate, and optimistic. They know how to love, care, and nurture others owing to their emotional maturity. 

Straight Nose: Ready to give people a helping hand; they are patient and understanding of the needs of others.

Upturned Nose: Loyal, reliable, and friendly. They are also known for their optimistic attitude towards life. 

Personality Traits Pool: Emotionally sensitive, optimistic, kind, and extroverted. 

Does A Nose Job Change Personality? – The Big Reveal 

The participants were asked to select statements about behaviours that most described theirs after the surgery.

And the personality traits they chose corresponded strongly with the personality traits associated with Group 2’s post-op noses. Therefore, yes, a nose job changed their personality!  


On being asked how their life had changed after the surgery, the participants showed their personality traits had become closely associated with post-op nose types: empathy, kindness, and extroversion.

I think about other people more

Gaining Self-Love and Confidence After Rhinoplasty 

Furthermore, rhinoplasty also significantly improved the psychological well-being of the participants.

They became more sociable and comfortable in different social situations. Also, they achieved more self-love and started taking better care of themselves. 

I prefer going out

To Summarize 

In conclusion, after analyzing the survey results, our study indicates a change in personality after rhinoplasty.

So, the saying that a nose describes the personality of the person is true. If the nose shape changes, so does the personality as the results of this study indicate. 


  • Longevita London Limited created the survey questionnaire using Google Forms. 
  • We sent the survey to Longevita’s past patients. Those patients who hadn’t completed their first year of recovery period were not a part of the study. 
  • After that, the participants were shown images of 9 different nose types and asked to select the ones they thought their nose was the closest to before and after the surgery. 
  • The participants chose statements from the survey that most described their character. Those traits were then cross-checked with the personality traits pool of Group 1 and Group 2. 
  • The participants were presented with different situations and asked how they would respond to them after the rhinoplasty and whether their behaviour would have been the same before the surgery took place. 
  • We formulated and analyzed the survey results using Google Sheets.
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