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Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures In Demand For 2019

Each year, we see changing demands for just which cosmetic procedures the public want. While last year saw a rise in labial surgeries, breast augmentation and minimally invasive procedures, 2019 already has its very own set of trends to watch. From injectables and ‘tweak’-ments, to hybrid boob jobs and 3D facelifts, we’ve compiled our guide to the popular plastic surgery procedures in demand for 2019.


Minimally-invasive procedures are a truly popular choice for men and women when it comes to cosmetic surgery and for this reason, injectables are set to continue their upwards growth in popularity this year. Often thought to be ‘lunchtime’ procedures due to their quick nature and limited downtime, an injectable treatment such as Botox, PRP Therapy or Dermal Fillers can provide subtle results that are often immediately noticeable and will not feature any scarring.


Over the years, cosmetic procedures have become far less taboo and as a result, an increasing number of people are opting for surgeries – though smaller ones. Known as ‘tweak-ments’, these procedures typically feature small adjustments or refinements as opposed to more obvious or exaggerated changes. Men and women opting for these procedures typically want to keep their looks to an extent, but with a few tweaks here and there to fix areas, they may lack confidence in. These procedures can be anything from Botox and fillers to a secret facelift.

3D Facelift Procedures

The 3D facelift has earned its name through the substance included – this filler mimics the 3D biostructure of the skin and produces natural-looking, yet dramatic results. The filler essentially replenishes the depleted or lacking skin tissue in the face, offering a tighter, more lifted look to the face as a result. The procedure takes just under two hours in most cases and proves to be a cost-effective solution for those seeking a more youthful look.

The ‘Hybrid’ Boob Job

A hybrid breast augmentation sees a combination of both implants and fat transfer to create the most natural and long-lasting result possible. With a hybrid treatment, smaller implants can be used, which reduces the potential for sagging or the risks of capsular contracture in the long-term and recovery time often becomes much shorter as a result. Patients with busy lifestyles or who are looking into reshaping are likely to turn to these hybrid treatments this year.

Hair Transplant And Restoration Will Continue To Grow

As the most reliable permanent solution for hair restoration, hair transplants are set to continue growing in popularity over the coming months. As the pressure keeps growing to look our best under the spotlight of social media, our hair has become a key part of looking and feeling our best. For this reason, hair transplant techniques are coming on leaps and bounds to produce the most natural-looking results possible. FUE, FUT, DHI and unshaven procedures are on the rise this year and show no signs of slowing down.

While every surgery available will have an audience year-on-year, there always appears to be particular surgeries that have a higher demand. 2019 is set to be the year of smaller, non-invasive procedures. Whether that’s Botox, dermal fillers, PRP therapies or hair transplants, patients are seeking natural results without the surgical solutions previously available.

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