Simon Cowell Shocking Plastic Surgery Transformation

It’s safe to say that Simon Cowell is a household name. This man needs no introduction. However, if you’re someone who’s not that familiar with pop culture, Simon Cowell is a record producer, talent scout, entrepreneur, businessman, and a very famous media personality. Most of us know him as the man who’s been sitting on the judging panels of “The X-Factor,” “America’s Got Talent” and “Britain’s Got Talent.” It would be fair to say that the man is Gordon Ramsay of the music world. Here, we’ll take a look at Simon Cowell plastic surgery journey. 

From shedding tears at performances to spewing insults, this man knows how to speak his mind. He hasn’t been someone to deny news reports about him getting cosmetic surgeries over the years. It’s wonderful to see someone speak so positively about it.

According to The Sun, the music mogul even gets his staff and colleagues vouchers for the botox injections for Christmas. Now, that’s not something that you hear every day. Simon Cowell is one of a kind. Still, his face transformation came as a shock, considering it took years off his face. That’s even more surprising because he just turned 60 and he doesn’t even look like it.

What’s All the News About Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery?

You might be wondering what’s all the buzz about. It all started when Simon Cowell walked the red carpet at Dolby Theatre in California on a Tuesday night. The second round of America’s Got Talent quarterfinals were going on, but it seemed like Simon had aged considerably, only backwards. The, then, 59-year-old looked ageless. His smooth skin looked flawless, and he was smiling his thousand-volt smile. Moreover, there were no visible wrinkles on his face or neck. That sparked the Simon Cowell plastic surgery rumours.

Wearing his signature clothes, no one could deny that the AGT’s judge had a few “adjustments” made to his visage. He’s never denied having surgeries either, which is, again, quite admirable. But what’s even more praiseworthy is that he hasn’t solely relied on plastic surgery to alter his looks. Simon Cowell has made lifestyle changes which include veganism and drinking light beer instead of regular beer. 

Is Simon Cowell Really Dieting or Is it Another Surgery? 

It’s not just Simon Cowell plastic surgery that’s new; the X-factor judge has also changed his diet. The 60-year-old talked to Best about it. He said, “People have said, ‘Oh, he’s had a gastric band fitted’ – but I haven’t. If I had, I would admit to it.” Talking to The Sun about his diet he said, “All I do is avoid just red meat – white meat is fine – and I eat loads of vegetables, salads and drink this great beer.”

simon cowell 2005
Simon Cowell in 2005, Hollywood

After falling down the stairs back in 2017, Simon Cowell decided to bring some changes to his life. That meant no more red meat, dairy, wheat, and sugar. He has lost 20 lbs and now supports a flat, toned stomach.

Simon Cowell told The Sun: “The most dramatic period was the first month where most of the weight comes off and you look at yourself and think wow. I used to be a 36-inch waist and now I’ve lost four inches. I’m really happy now.” Better memory, greater clarity, sleep and a general feeling of betterment are what Simon Cowell enjoys. This is all thanks to his diet. 

And we’re happy for him. That’s because it certainly isn’t easy. If you decide to get rid of body fat through tummy tuck surgery, then it is important that you exercise and eat healthy to maintain the results. 

Which Facial Surgery Did Simon Cowell Have? 

The music mogul’s new look which he revealed in America’s Got Talent quarterfinals has certainly left its mark on the fans. It has also invited some trolling from the netizens and television personalities. Previously, around 2018, it was a 21st-century facelift at a price of £2,000, which was done by Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh, who is also known as the “Picasso of Dermatology.” It wasn’t a traditional facelift involving the use of incisions. 

simon cowell 2012
Simon Cowell in 2012

In a Silhouette Soft Lift, the plastic surgery Simon Cowell underwent in 2018, the face is reshaped and volume restored through the use of Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) based suture thread. Sagging skin is a very common sign of ageing. Through the sewing of this thread, the skin is tugged and pulled back for a smoother appearance. It is a non-surgical facelift procedure. 

simon cowell 2018
Simon Cowell in 2018

He told The Sun about the procedure, “There are lots of things you can do now. You don’t just have to stuff your face with filler and Botox. It hurts like hell but it gets rid of sun damage and unplugs all the crap.” He further said, “For me now, it’s all about having clean skin. If you have clean skin, you look better. But you have to be very careful with some of this stuff.”

simon cowell 2019
Simon Cowell in 2019

However, this wasn’t the first Simon Cowell plastic surgery. He was actually having face-freezing injections back in 2015. About his botox, he says, “I probably did have a little too much Botox a couple of years ago, because everyone on TV has it.” This is quite understandable. Being under the ever-watchful gaze of cameras, every flaw is zoomed in and talked about.

What Is Simon Cowell Doing Now? 

We’ve established that Simon Cowell’s recent red-carpet look wasn’t out of the ordinary. His face has transformed over the years. That’s because he’s been dabbling with Botox and some other things for quite some time now. 

The X-Factor judge has also said previously, “Now I have facials, but nothing too extravagant at the moment. I have a girl who comes here and does a great face massage – it’s very relaxing. I also had a sheep placenta facial once, which was quite out there.” But that was years ago. 

From the current photos, it does look like he had Botox, which has made his forehead quite smooth. Although it has caused droopy eyelids, which is worrisome. Moreover, the gleam and the whiteness of his teeth did indicate new veneers. Many fans expressed concern for the celebrity over his recent plastic surgery. 

Recently, he suffered from an injury, which he talked about on his Twitter account. “Some good advice… If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time. I have broken part of my back. Thank you to everyone for your kind messages.” We wish him a speedy recovery. 

Did Simon Cowell Make the Right Decisions with His Cosmetic Treatments?

As mentioned before, the English record executive does feel regret over getting too much Botox. He has also drawn criticism from many people. Comedian Frank Skinner said, “I remember Simon Cowell when he had his first face,” while talking to Dave Berry on his Absolute Radio Breakfast Show.

simon cowell 2022
Simon Cowell in 2022, Los Angeles

On “Simon Cowell plastic surgery”, he said, “It looks like his nose is juggling his eyes. They are at different levels. A man of his money you’d think could get the best plastic surgeon in the world. I think it’s to do with the power cuts we had recently, I think it was done in darkness. It really is shocking.”

In 2015, he scaled back on his face freezing injection because Sharon Osbourne teased him about them. Some of his friends have also poked fun at him. Piers Morgan, who has previously worked with Simon Cowell said on his birthday, “Happy 60th Birthday to my (very) old mate @simoncowell. A great guy to whom I owe a lot… but no amount of plastic surgery can change the fact his age now begins with a 6 and mine with a 5.”

The drooping of eyelids in his most recent facial transformation does seem to be a problem. However, as far as his choice to get plastic surgery is concerned, that is a completely personal matter. Many people around the world feel unhappy or unsatisfied with a certain body part.

If they do decide to do something about it, it’s so that they can make themselves feel happy and look their best when they see themselves. The life of a celebrity can be brutal as they’re constantly bombarded by experts and specialists who talk about every aspect of their being. Simon Cowell plastic surgery is shocking, yes. But he made choices for himself. 

Concluding Remarks 

Longevita will guide you about what treatment you should get in your consultation session. If surgery isn’t needed, we’ll make sure to inform you and offer alternative treatments instead to solve your problem. For us, patient health and safety always come first. Simon Cowell plastic surgery may have drawn criticism, but it has made him happier with himself.

Getting a surgery that you truly desire can be a transformative change in itself. It can vastly improve your state of mind. You’ll start to perceive yourself in a more positive light. If you’re confused about what treatment you should get, Longevita’s friendly staff is always here to help. You only have to get in touch with us.

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