The Truth About Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery

Looks matter, and that is why people are always trying to look a certain way to feel more confident about themselves.

As a celebrity, you are exposed to a lot of people. You face a lot of judgment and criticism based on your looks. Thus, the life of a celebrity is heavily affected by their looks. This is why there is a new celebrity transformation every day.

The most recent being Adele who wowed fans on social media with her transformation. Another celebrity always in the news for her body transformation is Carol Vorderman.

Carol is a British TV sweetheart and a famous host. The 58-year-old celebrity has stirred a lot of buzz about her looks, her body, and her age. Did Carol Vorderman plastic surgery really happen? 

Well, you’re about to find out!

Who is Carol Vorderman? 

Carol Vorderman is a famous British presenter and host. She is famous for hosting the Countdown show for 26 years. It made Carol a household name for years. She is 59 years old and has been active in the media since 1982.

Thus, in her early career, Carol Vorderman rose to fame and success with her time on the Countdown show. She became the nation’s sweetheart with more TV shows and multiple bestselling books. 

Besides being a television star, Carol has worked as a journalist for the Daily Morris and The Daily Telegraph. She also runs a few commercial ventures.

Carol was also presented with an MBE: The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. MBE is a ranking order of the British Empire award for outstanding achievement and service to the community.

Carol Vorderman’s Plastic Surgery Rumour 

Spotted recently on Celebrity Bake Off, Carol Vorderman is once again back in the news. This time it is for her “Carol Vorderman plastic surgery” rumours.

Looking at the before and after images of the celebrity, it is pretty clear that she had some things done. Her beautifully plump face and perfectly curvy physique are not all-natural.

Yes, Carol has a super healthy lifestyle and stays fit. She is also known to diet well and eat healthy while visiting the gym often.

Moreover, she published a book about detox. However, it is not possible to shape a body like hers with only diet and exercise. Detox is not the only secret to her youthful appearance she definitely underwent the knife to protect her youth. 

Did Carol Have a Plastic Surgery? 

According to The Sun, in 2012, she admitted wanting “a little rejuvenation”. She also said that she wanted to “fix the things that need fixing”. Carol said: “I’m a bit frightened of a full facelift. But I’ll get little things done.” Well, she clearly did a lot more than just fixing. 

Carol Vorderma’sn plastic surgery rumours have been dispelled. But it is pretty evident that they are true. Carol admits to having some small touches done, but she did not confirm her bigger surgeries like butt implants and liposuction

Being under the spotlight required her to care for her looks. So, she got a few small touches from time to time. However, when you compare her pictures from the previous years, you can easily tell that she went far beyond “small touches”.

Carol Vorderman in 2018
Colin Bell, OGL 3, via Wikimedia Commons

She also swore she does not have butt implants. She has confirmed that it is her genes, but where were those genes a few years ago? Likewise, Carol has denied having any other cosmetic surgeries.

What Type of Plastic Surgery Did Carol Vorderman Have? 

Comparing her new and old pictures, Carol Vorderman is a completely different person. Back in the day, she had a skinny figure and thin lips, but now she can easily pass off as a Kardashian. So, how did she do it? 

Well, it does not take a genius to realize that Carol had cosmetic procedures on her face as well as her body.

Looking at her images, she possibly had a nose job, butt implants, and tummy tuck. She also gets regular Botox and fillers for her face. A surgical expert would look at her and say that she had these surgeries. 

Expert Opinion 

Facial and body contouring expert Sadaf Jaffri reviewed the before and afters of Carol Vorderman for The Sun. She said that Carol Vorderman plastic surgery indeed took place.

The aesthetician said: “Carol dresses youthfully and looks remarkable. But as well as Botox, I can see clear suggestions of nose jobs, tucks, fillers, and boob jobs.” 

The analysis report presented by Jaffri lists different procedures through which Carol may have adjusted her looks over the decades. These include a nose job, Botox, breast implants, lip fillers, masseter Botox, butt implants, tummy tuck, and laser resurfacing.

Looking at the list of Carol Vorderman plastic surgery procedures, it is no wonder she has a smooth complexion and no wrinkles at 59! 

Why Plastic Surgery Is on the Rise? 

Body positivity, fat activism, and size acceptance have become a social movement today, yet the demand for cosmetic procedures is on the rise. Why? 

Increased Screen Time 

One of the reasons for the rise in the demand for cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery is more screen time. A couple of decades ago, you would rarely see yourself in photos.

People only took photos on special occasions like birthdays, vacations or weddings. Now with mobile devices, you take hundreds of pictures of yourself daily. This constant visual trigger keeps reminding us of our flaws. 

Extreme Social Media Exposure 

Moreover, sharing our pictures and lives on social media has created a need for people to be more presentable. Now with likes, there is a parameter to judge your images.

When you don’t get a certain number of likes you take down the picture, assuming it is not good enough. Similarly, looking at other people who are better looking than you makes you feel uncomfortable and insecure. In other words, we’re all under constant scrutiny — by ourselves. 

To avoid their insecurities, people improve their appearance with makeup and cosmetic procedures. Thus, more and more people now go for plastic surgeries to correct their physical flaws or insecurities. 

Acceptance of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures

In a way, this is a positive approach because it is removing the stigma around plastic surgery. Yes, these procedures cost a lot and do come with some risks. Yet, it is a permanent solution to improve your looks. I

f you are becoming more accepting of all colours, body types, and looks, then why not plastic surgery? Why constantly criticise celebrities for a butt lift? Maybe, it is all about finding the right balance between and knowing where to draw the line. 

Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery? 

The reason why people get plastic surgeries is an incredibly broad question. The simplest answer is because they needed it.

Plastic surgery covers a wide range of procedures. It could be for correcting a physical deformity or to treat injuries like burns or trauma. It comprises various reconstructive procedures.

An example of this is breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. So, there is a broad range of reasons why people may have to go under a plastic surgery procedure. 

With elective and cosmetic plastic surgery, it comes down to people’s choice. For example, someone with a feature that does not appeal to them can have a cosmetic procedure. It could be a nose job or breast reduction. 

Plastic Surgery to Hide the Signs of Ageing 

As we age, influences of pregnancies, weight gain and loss and sun exposure start to appear on our bodies. The ageing process can generate a whole bunch of reasons to consider plastic surgery.

Some people age really well and don’t need it. But many people feel they are not ageing well. It can be hard to deal with the changes occurring in your body and appearance. 

To conclude, people get plastic surgery to improve their bodies. Everyone has the right to feel good about themselves. If they have the means to correct a physical flaw or disability, then why not? 

How to Get Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery? 

To get Carol Vorderman plastic surgery, you have to find the right doctor for your particular concern. There are many factors to consider when it comes to selecting a clinic for plastic surgery.

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