Why The Golden Ratio Matters In The World of Dermal Fillers 

Since their FDA approval in 1981, fillers have been a popular cosmetic procedure. Fillers always been used to restore volume, smooth facial lines, and enhance the contours of the face in a more natural way. In order to prevent fillers from detracting from your natural beauty, you need to be aware of the golden ratio. 

Golden Ratio, also known as Divine Proportion, is the numerical representation of beauty. Having a value of 1.618, it has been used repeatedly in many disciplines, including maths, geometry, art, and architecture. It also exists universally in plants, animals and even galaxies. The closer something gets to this number, the more attractive it is perceived to be.

The golden ratio defines symmetrical forms, so it makes sense that it applies to facial cosmetics. There is a known ratio for facial harmony based on numbers. The bottom lip should be 1.618 times larger than the top lip, but the top lip should protrude 1.618 times more than the bottom lip. Also, lips should be 1.618 times wider than nose tips. It is possible to get your facial proportions closer to the Golden Mean if you get dermal fillers from a skilled injector. 

fuat yuksel

Expert Opinion

Dr Fuat Yuksel, a renowned plastic surgeon at Longevita, emphasises the importance of the use of filler on the face: “The ideal areas to fill are the lips, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines which are also called melomental folds. These are the creases that extend from the corners of your mouth to your chin. In addition, you can fill the cheek areas and the chin.” Dr Yuksel also warns that “Other places are forced, and the results are not always good.”

The Case of Love Island’s Ekin-Sku Culcuoglu

The most recent example of the conscious use of dermal fillers to achieve Golden Ratio proportions in the face is Ekin-Su Culcuoglu. The 27-year-old British Turkish actress, model, and influencer, has been a fan favourite on ITV2’s popular dating show Love Island this year. Even though her antics thrust her into the limelight only recently, she was prepared for it well in advance. Like many other Love Island contestants, Ekin-Sku had surgical and surgical procedures before heading to the Love Island villa.

1 Ekin Su Culculoglu
Reality TV star EkinSu Culculoglu

In addition to getting breast implants and veneers, she had dermal fillers in the tear troughs (grooves between the lower eyelid and upper cheeks), cheeks and jawline. With the fillers, her face looked more defined and “refreshed.” However, the fillers were injected using the Golden Ratio, which is why her face also looks so perfectly symmetrical now. The changes in her facial contours are subtle yet make her look naturally stunning.  


Enhancing facial features with derma fillers is a great option. However, there are many people who end up with botched results (read the notorious “duck lip” or “trout lip”). However, this happens if the delicate balance of facial harmony is ignored when the filler is being injected. That’s why it is very important to stick to the rules of nature’s very own Golden Ratio.

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