What To Do About Boob Job Scars?

The fear of scarring after plastic surgery is common among patients. One, it can make the surgery less discreet, and two, it can affect the overall aesthetics. Boob job scars present such a problem. Here, what you need to keep in mind is that surgery scars fade over time. 

Any surgery that causes a break in the skin will leave you with scars. And it’s not possible to get rid of a scar completely, but after some time, they’ll be barely visible. Also, when it comes to breast surgery, surgeons deliberately make incisions in places that will be hidden underneath bras or bikinis. Even during early recovery, your scars won’t be visible.

Does A Boob Job Leave Scars?

Surgery leaves scars, and that’s the fact of the matter. In breast augmentation, the surgeon has to cut into the skin to place the implant. There’s no other way that this can be done. Therefore, a boob job will leave you with scars where incisions are made. 

Even though you will hear about a “scarless boob job,” keep in mind that there’s no such thing that exists. That doesn’t mean that you should mentally prepare yourself for visibly raised scars. Although a boob job will leave you with scars, they won’t even be visible after a couple of years (at most). 

But there’s something that you can do to make sure that you don’t end up with bad scarring after this surgery: find an experienced, board-certified surgeon. The surgical technique can make a huge (if not all the) difference. 

Also, even before the surgery takes place, your surgeon should inform you of the factors that make you prone to scarring. This can include your age, lifestyle, medical history, and ethnicity. Still, you can rest assured that there are different ways to make sure that your scars are discreet. 

What Will Breast Implant Scars Look Like? 

The appearance of your boob job scar will depend on the type of incision the surgeon made for inserting the implant. Usually, it is no longer than 5-7 centimetres. The four main types of incisions are as follows:


These incisions are made beneath the creases of the breasts, so they are hidden after implants are inserted. You can only clearly see them when lying down. Inframammary incisions are usually preferred by surgeons because they offer greater ease in the placement of the implants during surgery. 

Inframammary Incision Scar before after
Inframammary Incision Scars


When the surgeon cuts around the entire circle of pigmented skin around the nipple, it is called an areolar or doughnut incision. However, when a semi-circle is made around the lower half of the areola, it refers to a periareolar incision. These incisions are the least visible after surgery.

Periareolar Incision Scar before after
Periareolar Incision Scars


These incisions are made underneath the armpits and not on the breasts themselves. This type of incision can best hide the surgical scars, but they will be visible (when you’re recovering) when you go sleeveless. However, it can cause precision issues, which is why it’s not as common. 

What Is the Healing Process For Breast Implant Scars?

Immediately after surgery, you’ll have visible scars that are raised and red or pink in colour. They may also feel lumpy and tender. After about 3 months, the scars will take on a purple hue. 12-18 months later, they’ll be faded white. 

healing process of boob job
Surgery Day 2 Weeks Post-op 24 Days Post-op
boob job scar before after
Same Patient

During the healing process, it is possible for the dissolvable stitches to react with your skin. This can result in bruising and discharge. The wound may also reopen along the incision line. However, you shouldn’t worry about it as it’s a part of the recovery process. 

Just make sure to change your surgical dressing twice a day and clean the wound with iodine and an antiseptic solution. Eventually, you will be able to recover from this, even though it may get worse before it gets better. 

How Long Do Breast Augmentation Scars Take To Go Away?

It can take 12-18 months for the boob job scars to go away. However, they’ll start becoming less prominent after 3 months. Keep in mind that how fast your scars fade depends on your genetics, skin quality, age, sun exposure, and lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, diet, sleep).  

How To Take Care of Boob Job Scars?

In order to make sure that your scars heal well, your surgeon may recommend you the following: 


You can start massaging your breasts 1 month after the breast augmentation surgery to make sure that the scar tissue is not hard and raised. Daily massages can help make sure that the scar tissue itself doesn’t stick to the underlying bones and muscles. It can help soften the scar while diminishing its appearance. Make sure to go over the technique for the massage with your surgeon. 

Wear Compression Garment

It’s true that compression garments help with swelling, but they can also apply pressure on your surgical scar, which can help decrease its height. That pressure can also help prevent the build-up of collagen and make the scar mature more quickly. Wear your compression garment as long as your surgeon recommends.

Use Silicone Sheet or Gel 

Your doctor may recommend the use of a silicone sheet or gel weeks after the surgery twice a day for 6-12 months (make sure to consult your surgeon before using them). These can also make the scars less prominent by hydrating them. Additionally, silicone sheets/gel can decrease the production of collagen, making the scar flatter. 

Use Bio-Oil 

In addition to using a silicone gel, you may also be recommended the use of bio-oil. Not only can it hydrate the scar tissue, making it softer, but it can also increase cell turnover. It can be used on both old and new scars. However, you can only start using it 1 month after surgery; continue its application for 2 months. 

How To Prevent Bad Scarring After Breast Augmentation?

Other than taking the above measures, you should also do some other things to make sure that your breast implant scars heal well: 

  • Stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen.
  • Keep the surgical wound clean and dry so that you don’t get an infection. 
  • Do not engage in rigorous physical activity (temporarily), as it can reopen the wounds. 
  • Do not scrub or scratch your scar tissue. 
  • Avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol, as it can delay healing. 
  • Eat well and sleep well. 

Can You Get Boob Job Scars Removed?

Sometimes, the scar tissue can end up healing abnormally due to different reasons. It can look thick, raised, and red. You might even experience pain. If that’s the case, you may be recommended the following treatments:


There are different types of lasers that can help minimise the appearance of boob job scars. Intense pulsed light (IPL) laser absorbs skin cells that have colour in them. It changes the colour of the scar by getting rid of pigmentation. Erbium and CO2 lasers can also help soften the scar tissue. However, a laser might not be suitable for patients whose scarring is more severe. 

Steroid Injections 

It is also possible to reduce the appearance of scars by injecting steroids directly into them. This can soften them and even help shrink them. It’s usually administered as a course. However, it may have some side effects (like atrophy), which you should discuss with your doctor. 

Scar Removal 

It’s possible to get rid of surgical scars by undergoing scar removal surgery. The surgeon will essentially remove the old scar tissue and replace it with a new scar. It will be less visible and appear more natural. 


It’s true that a boob job will leave you with scars, but they will fade over time. You can check out the before and after photos of patients to see how their scars heal and maybe even consider talking to them. Don’t let the fear of scars hold you back. 

As soon as you come out of the surgery, your scars will be the most visible (red and raised). However, in a matter of 12-18 months, they’ll be barely visible. In any case, they’ll be hidden beneath your bra or bikini. Keep in mind that scarring is unavoidable, but you should still discuss it with your doctor to make sure you heal well. 

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