Can You Change Your Treatment Plan While You’re in Turkey?

Coming to Turkey for your surgery, you might feel jittery and excited. If you’re having cosmetic plastic surgery for the first time, you might be feeling a thousand emotions. Conflicting thoughts are a part of the process. Our mind likes to fixate on the negative more than the positive.

Whenever you feel that happening, try and balance the number of negative thoughts that you’re thinking with the positive ones. You have decided to go ahead with one of the biggest decisions of your life so that you can feel happier. Undoubtedly, you’ll feel nervous and anxious. Some of our patients feel excited and rejuvenated at the prospect of renewing and refreshing their look. This is why they sometimes end up changing their treatment plan, while in Turkey.

The good news is that you can change your treatment plan. There are no restrictions about it. You can add or remove treatment from your treatment plan. Longevita offers a diverse range of services in cosmetic surgery, dental treatments, and hair transplant.

We are more than happy to assist you if you want any changes to your treatment plan. It is understandable if you want to take such a decision. It’s okay if you feel overwhelmed or confused. The whole team of Longevita is going to be with you throughout your journey. In this guide, we will explain which steps you need to follow to change your treatment plan.

Who Should You Contact If You Want to Add a New Treatment to Your Plan?

Longevita ensures the assistance of a Patient Relations Specialist for every patient. They will be there for you in case you need any help from us. If you have any queries, during your stay in Turkey, our Patient Relations Specialist is there to guide you.

If you have decided to add a new treatment to your medical plan, you should inform your Patient Relations Specialist about it. We will, in turn, get in touch with the surgeon to check their availability. After we’ve discussed everything with them, we will inform you accordingly.

If you’re travelling to Turkey to have cosmetic surgery, you can add another cosmetic surgery to the treatment plan. Sometimes patients come to us to have a tummy tuck only but end up deciding to have a breast uplift too. This makes it possible for them to experience a more dramatic body transformation.

You can decide to have a rhinoplasty with liposuction or breast surgery. However, you must remember that each treatment will have its own healing time. It can require you to stay in Turkey for a different number of days. We will discuss all the details of your required surgeries with the surgeon to make sure that you can heal in time and are able to fly back home. We will also provide you with a fit-to-fly certificate when the time comes.

For Non-Surgical Treatments

The channel for scheduling an additional treatment with Longevita will remain the same – our Patient Relations Specialist. However, some details will be different.

If you’re getting PRP injections, dermal fillers, Botox, or teeth whitening, we are happy to offer you a discounted price for them. Make sure to reach out to us, once you’ve decided to get a non-surgical treatment while in Turkey. We’ll start making arrangements accordingly.

Usually, these treatments do not take long. They will only take an hour or so. If the patient has enough time between their other appointments, we can make the arrangements for them and assist them.

For Surgical Treatments

If the treatment that you want to add to your treatment plan is surgical, we have to consult our surgeons about it. That’s because it can be dangerous for the patient to undergo a certain combination of surgeries. There are some things that you cannot do in the aftercare recovery period of your surgery.

Another major invasive surgery might take a toll on your health, which is why we have to be careful. So, in some cases, it won’t be possible for you to get all your desired surgeries in one trip. For example, a patient is not suggested to have a hair transplant if they are here to have a rhinoplasty, otoplasty (an ear correction surgery), or even breast surgery.

During a hair transplant, you will need to lay on your face for 2-3 hours. Sometimes, the surgeon needs to turn the head to the sides to harvest grafts. This can damage your newly-constructed nose and/or ears and even harm the stitches. In our post-operative aftercare instructions, we inform our patients to be careful about this.

Regardless if you want to have a rhinoplasty and hair transplant in just one trip and insist on having the hair restoration surgery performed before the rhinoplasty, you need to wait for 5-6 days. It will allow the hair grafts to settle in. Surgeons and nurses can also unintentionally damage the newly transplanted hair during the surgery because they’ll work on the face area with many tools. We will consult our surgeons and inform you about the possible risks.

What About Your Flight Tickets?

If the change in treatment plan requires you to extend your stay in Turkey, then you would have to change the booking details of your return ticket. You might need to stay longer than what was originally planned. The reason for it is that we have to arrange post-operative appointments that include check-ups.

These are very important, and you shouldn’t skip on them at any cost. Our surgeons have to make sure that you’re in good health after the surgery. If a complication has arisen, they’ll take care of it then and there. Moreover, if something is bothering you about the surgery, our surgeons will address your concerns in those appointments. Needless to say, their significance cannot be underestimated.

We will provide you with the exact estimate of the number of days by which you’ll have to prolong your stay in Turkey. For that, we will check with our surgeons and reservations team so that there’s no confusion later on.

What If You Decide to Make A Cancellation In Your Treatment Plan?

We completely understand if you decide to cancel a particular procedure in your treatment plan. The decision is yours to take. We will make sure to assist you in the cancellation process. Importantly, we require written notification by the patient for any cancellation of the booking.

As soon as we receive the notification, your treatment will be cancelled. Our finance team will calculate the refund amount. The cancellation charge will include all the expenses that the clinic has incurred along with the disbursements made. We will refund the rest of the monies for the cancelled treatment to you.

As the clinic clears up its calendar to accommodate you as their patient, a cancellation means the loss of another potential patient. The deposit submitted by the patient is kept as a reservation fee when a cancellation is made. If you want to know more about it, you can always get in touch with the Patient Relations Specialist assigned to you.

The Importance of Your Patient Relations Specialist

When you begin your journey with Longevita, you will be assigned a dedicated Patient Relations Specialist. They will specifically look after all your needs. If you want to switch the surgery in your treatment plan to something else, you should inform your Patient Relations Specialist about it. He/she will act as the communication bridge between you and the surgeon. So, whatever you need and whenever you need it, they are the people you should go to.

Through their help, we can start the proceedings of a change in the treatment plan. If you’ve decided to change your treatment plan prior to coming to Turkey, you need to talk to them to make the new arrangements. They’ll make sure to coordinate with the relevant staff so that you can get your desired procedure. They are your reliable, trustworthy companions who’ll be happy to help you throughout your journey to Turkey.

Final Remarks

So, all in all, we hope this guide has helped you understand the smaller details in regards to any change in your treatment plan while you’re in Turkey. Any change in the treatment plan needs to be carefully considered by our surgeon.

Sometimes it is not advisable to conduct two different kinds of invasive surgeries close together. We will communicate with you the total duration between your one treatment and the other. It is possible that you will have to extend your stay in Turkey. We will do our best to ensure you a seamless experience even with any change in your treatment plan.

If you’re looking to make a booking for a surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure with Longevita, make sure to book your consultation. It is no obligation. Your case will be assessed by a doctor and we will provide you with a treatment plan and price quote. While you’re in Turkey, why wait to get another treatment that you’ve been longing for. You can get it in just one trip to Turkey. With your stay extended, you might also try and explore the beautiful city of Istanbul.

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