An Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery: The Asian Nose Job

Many facial features are unique to different ethnicities. The underlying skeletal and cartilaginous structures play an important role in determining the overall aesthetics of the face. Genes are responsible for the passing of similar facial features to generations. Due to the different genetic heritages, plastic surgeries on different ethnicities have become very common. One ethnic surgery that is increasingly gaining popularity is the one that takes place on an Asian nose. 

Asian nose job addresses and maintains the distinct ethnic characteristics of an individual but generally speaking, Asian rhinoplasty is a broad term. It describes a commonly identified set of nasal traits and the surgical techniques used for addressing them. Quite a number of people belonging to different ethnicities can share characteristics with other ethnic groups. So, they can also have an Asian nose job.

What Characterizes An Asian Nose?  

Some of the distinctions of the Asian nose are visible on the surface. However, of course, the skeletal structure and cartilaginous surface lying underneath also differ. People belonging to different ethnicities have different nasal bone structures.

Usually, the Asian nose has a flat nasal bridge. Moreover, it has a broad nasal tip that gives a wider appearance to the nose at the front. The bridge and nostrils also look flatter and wider.

Not only the skeletal structure but also there are variations in the skin itself among different ethnicities. Thicker skin with more sebaceous glands makes the tip of the Asian nose flatter, less pointed, and less defined.

What Nasal Structure Changes Take Place in an Asian Nose Job? 

There are different techniques through which an Asian nose job takes place. The surgeon usually performs cartilage grafting. Through an Asian nose, many people seek to change certain parts of their nose to give it a greater definition. However, it does not commonly involve massive changes to the nasal structure. That is why it is called an Asian nose job. The purpose is to refine the structure of the nose and not massively alter it. 

More commonly, people who’re seeking an Asian nose job want the projection of their nasal tip to change. They seek greater definition and refinement in its shape to make it more pointed and upturned.

Patients also desire to change their nasal bridge elevation so they can achieve a better bridge height. They also feel concerned about the wide base of the nose and want to make their nostrils narrower and less flat through the Asian nose job. If you want to make adjustments or changes to the shape of your nose, you can have an Asian nose job.

What is the Surgical Procedure of the Asian Nose Job? 

There are many differences between a traditional rhinoplasty and an Asian nose job. 

Nostril Narrowing 

Commonly Asian rhinoplasty involves nostril narrowing. Typically, it takes around 2 hours for a traditional rhinoplasty to take place. If you want narrow nostrils, then the surgery might take longer than usual.

Tip Refinement 

Another surgical manoeuvre is that of tip refinement in an Asian nose job. As mentioned before, a characteristic of the Asian nose is that it has a wide, flat tip. The tip gets refined with the help of cartilage grafting. The cartilage is usually taken from the septum.

However, in some cases, it is also extracted from the ear or the rib cage. Cartilage from the septum or ear is commonly used when slight changes get made to the shape of the nose. However, the cartilage in these parts of the body is softer. This means that it won’t be able to provide as much support. 

Rib cage cartilage is stronger and provides greater support. This is why in patients who are undergoing major changes but have soft cartilage and thicker skin, the surgeon might take the cartilage from the rib cage. Through the procedure, the surgeon will aim to increase the protrusion of the nasal tip so that it appears narrower. This gives the nose a greater symmetry to the rest of the facial features.

Hanging or Hidden Columella 

Asian rhinoplasty can also involve changing the appearance of the columella, which is the fleshy portion separating the two nostrils. An Asian nose might have a columella that is not really visible.

For this purpose, too, cartilage is added. In some cases, patients seek to take care of the hanging appearance of the columella. It makes the nose appear droopy and long. Through an Asian nose job, you can get this done. 

Elevated Bridge 

In this, height is added to the bridge of the nose so that it appears slender and refined. The surgeon might perform cartilage grafting for bridge elevation. 

Will Asian Nose Job Leave A Scar? 

Thicker skin has a tendency to scar more easily than thinner skin. And as the skin on the Asian nose is usually thicker, many patients worry about the possible scarring from the Asian nose job.

The area where the surgeons will make the incision depends on the changes desired by the patient. Moreover, there’s open and closed rhinoplasty. In the former incision is made on the columella, while in closed rhinoplasty, the incisions are made on the interior of the nose. So, if you’re undergoing closed rhinoplasty, then you don’t have to worry about scarring. 

If you’re undergoing nostril narrowing in the Asian nose job, then the surgeon will quite likely make incisions on the exterior of your nose. However, make sure that you follow the aftercare instructions that we provide you. You won’t have to worry about scarring. 

Is Nose Filler an Option Instead of Surgical Rhinoplasty? 

Yes, and not many people know that they can get it done. Also, this non-surgical option is quite popular among both males and females. There are many benefits of having a non-surgical nose job. Some people prefer it because of the less downtime. Moreover, you won’t have to experience bruising, discomfort, and swelling. You can easily go back to work just a day after the procedure. There are no stitches, bandages, or medications involved with this one. 

In contrast to the traditional Asian nose job, which can take around 2 hours and even more if nasal narrowing gets done, non-surgical rhinoplasty gets completed in less than 30 minutes. The fillers can add volume to certain parts of the nose and create the illusion of a smaller nose. However, not everyone can benefit from nose fillers. If you want more dramatic changes, then you need to have Asian rhinoplasty surgery to achieve your desired results.

What is the Recovery Period for Asian Nose Job? 

That depends on the patient, surgical technique, and the type of surgery. You might be able to get back to work a week after you are discharged, but the full recovery timeline of an Asian nose job is one year.

In some cases depending on the skin type, the aftercare process might be longer too. You have to avoid going directly under the sunlight. The doctor will also advise you against playing any physical sports as you can damage your nose. Usually, patients seek changes in the tip and nose in an Asian nose job. If that’s the case with you, you’ll start feeling better after a week.

To Summarise the Above  

Patients who get an Asian rhinoplasty don’t seek to drastically change the appearance of their noses. They seek a modification in the tip and bridge. They also commonly want nasal narrowing. An Asian nose has a flatter, wider appearance. Through the Asian nose job, many people want to make their noses more refined. This gives it a slender, narrower, and smaller appearance.

Longevita is here to help you achieve your dream look. Before the surgery takes place, we will generate an artificial image of yours with the new nose. This will show you your face with the modified version of your nose. Then, you can peacefully have the surgery knowing that you will attain your desired nose shape. 

Our goal is to enhance the beauty of your natural facial features. We will resculpt your nose in such a way that it balances with the rest of your face. With Longevita, you can enjoy a stress-free journey to Turkey. We’ll stay with you from day one, the moment you choose us for your Asian nose job. 

Our dedicated and expert Patient Relations Specialist will make sure to coordinate with you before you come to Turkey. We’ll help you find the best flight tickets so that you can have affordable treatment. Once you’ve arrived, our transfer services will carry you from the airport to the hotel. Your comfort, safety, and health are our priority. So, book your treatment with us right away. We’re waiting for you to welcome you to Turkey.

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