Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss: The Final Touch

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss: The Final Touch

Plastic surgery after weight loss might sound a bit odd. However, having plastic surgery after losing weight isn’t something out of the blue. After undergoing procedures like gastric sleeve, bariatric surgery, many people end up with excess sagging skin on the tummy, arms, thighs, and even breasts. There’s a reason why people choose to have these lifting surgeries after having such procedures. 

Losing weight isn’t that easy or simple. Exercise and diet alone can help people achieve their ideal body goals. However, people who significantly lose weight end up with sagging skin on different parts of the body. While on their weight loss journey, many people imagine themselves with toned, contoured bodies once they’ve reached their ideal weight. Clicking that before and after photo of the weight loss journey takes a lot of hard work. However, for some people, the struggle doesn’t end there. 

A person who has been obese or overweight for a long time will end up with more loose skin after they have lost their weight. This happens due to the loss of elastin and collagen. The skin doesn’t remain taut. If you’ve lost at least 100 pounds, you’d end up with more sagging skin than usual. It can put a damper on your spirits. Because you won’t end up with the body that you had imagined in your mind. 

It can make you feel conscious about the way you look. You might not end up feeling happy after such a significant achievement as your weight loss to get healthier. Here’s where plastic surgery comes into play. You don’t have to feel hopeless as you can still end up with the kind of body you desire. 

Why Do People End Up with Loose Skin After Weight Loss? 

The reason why people who’re obese or overweight end up sagging skin is that it has remained that for years. As the skin stretches to make room for the growth in different areas of the body, the skin continues to stretch over it. Only after years of staying this way, the collagen and elastin fibres get damaged. 

Therefore, even after you lose all the weight and the skin doesn’t have to stretch over the different areas of the body, it’s unable to retract. Thus, you’ll end up with loose, hanging skin. Many pieces of research have also found that weight loss surgery deteriorates the quality of the collagen produced, and the quantity of collagen produced also decreases.  

Why Have Surgery After Weight Loss? 

It isn’t just the perception of yourself that’s impacted by the sagging skin. It comes with some other problems. One study in which 360 patients who had bariatric surgery participated showed that “redundant skin” in the abdomen, upper arms, rear/buttocks hampered daily physical activities in at least half of them. The extra sagging skin does impact the psychological state of the patient while even impairing their proper functioning. This happened after the patient had weight loss surgery. 

Another study on women who had bariatric surgery showed that the hanging surplus skin after the surgery hampered their physical activity. 45.2% of the women in the study said that they avoided physical activity because of the way people stared at their bodies as the skin flapped. 

Another problem with excess skin is that it can cause rashes, infections, ulcers, and pain. This is why they can consider uplifting surgeries. Of course, the poor self-perception and decrease in the self-esteem of the individuals on the sight of loose skin is an important consideration. 

Lifting surgeries can help contour the bodies of different people, and they make the final touches to your body so that it can look the way that you want. The most popular lifting surgeries are tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift. Breast surgeries are also common because the breasts can sag after a person loses a lot of weight. Sometimes BBL with liposuction and face & neck lift can be needed.

Which Plastic Surgeries Can You Have After Weight Loss? 

You might have lost a significant amount of weight with a strict diet and exercise routine, or you might have had bariatric surgery. It doesn’t matter how you lost the weight; you might end up loose skin that won’t go away on its own. In fact, it will keep coming in the way of your normal functioning. 

And the best way to deal with it is through lifting surgeries. With your body-contoured, you’ll finally be able to see the results of your weight loss hidden beneath layers of skin. Even after losing the resistant fat in your body, you can’t see the results until the skin gets pulled back to its original form. Lifting plastic surgeries will add the final touches to your body goals. You’ll start feeling confident and happier in and about your skin. 

Tummy Tuck Surgery After Weight Loss

After losing weight, tummy tuck surgery allows the patient to get rid of the excess skin about their abdomen. Keep in mind that the surgery won’t restore the elasticity of the skin. As mentioned above, skin that has been stretched for years will have damaged its collagen and elastin. The surgery will simply remove the excess skin. It’ll significantly contour your body so that you can enjoy your post-weight loss body. 

Breast Surgery After Weight Loss

After losing weight, many women may feel conscious about the deflation or sagging of their breasts. It ends up impacting their body image. Breast enlargement or breast uplift with implants is the kind of surgery that can increase the volume of your breasts and solve the sagginess problem. Breast reduction is another option. If you have too much breast tissue, you can consider decreasing its volume.

Arm Lift Surgery After Weight Loss 

The depletion of fat stores in the arms after weight loss can leave behind sagging skin. Brachioplasty, known as arm lift, can remove the excess skin in the upper arm. However, the patient should know that there may be a risk of permanent scarring with this surgery. Although the scar will be on the inner side of the upper arm, thereby not making it outwardly visible. Still, you should discuss with the surgeon before going into surgery. 

Thigh Lift After Weight Loss

This surgery can take place in conjunction with liposuction. The skin on the inner thighs can sag after you lose a lot of weight. The skin in this region can also become quite problematic, which is why you can consider getting this surgery to give your body a defined shape. 


Even after doing everything, you can lose the weight, and with you coming quite close to success, some fat simply refuses to go away. Here you can take the help of liposuction, which can easily remove the fat that simply refuses to go away.

Face Lift & Neck Lift

Following your weight loss, you might have a significant amount of loose skin around your neck. It can give you a more aged and tired appearance. With a neck lift, you can smoothen the appearance of your neck. Your face might also look gaunt if you’ve lost significant weight. Fat grafting along with face and neck lift can improve your look. 

Brazilian Butt Lift

Hanging skin on the buttocks can make them look flat and droopy. They’ll lose their shape. Here fat grafting, liposuction, and excess skin removal take place so that the buttocks can look round and voluminous. 


Removing the excess breast tissue in males is what’s called gynecomastia. Even after losing weight, the fat tissue inside the breast may stay. Surgery can help remove it and flatten the breasts. 

Can you Combine Different Lifting Procedures?

That depends on the type of surgery and the patient’s case. For instance, you can combine breast surgery with a tummy tuck or thigh lift, or you can have gynecomastia and tummy tuck at the same time. You can even combine liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast surgery. 

However, it’s not recommended to do a thigh lift and tummy tuck surgery at the same time. Since lifting procedures’ aftercare is important and the surgical areas require special attention, focusing on the one surgery, and its aftercare might be better. You should speak to an expert to learn what is the best option for you. Planning your surgery is important.

Are You a Good Candidate for Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss?

Your weight should be stable, and you should be in good health. It’s recommended for you to speak to your doctor before making a decision. Realistic expectations are also very important. Each person’s body type and medical history are different. Therefore, you shouldn’t compare yourself with other people. Speaking with an expert would be good before the surgery so you can be aware of the possible results.

It’s also important that you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Healthy foods and exercise routines should be a part of your life. If you are pregnant, you should wait for the baby. After your baby is born and breastfeeding is done, you can have the surgery.

What You Should Expect During Your Initial Consultation?

The surgeon will ask some questions about your medical history and make sure that you are healthy to undergo surgery. Then, he will try to understand what you want and what you need. You will discuss your treatment plan options with him.  A combination of the surgeries can be possible for you, but you need to discuss this as well. Your surgeon will also explain the aftercare to you in detail. You should have realistic expectations in your mind. This is very important for your post-surgery satisfaction.


After having weight loss surgery or losing weight significantly through diet and exercise, many people end up struggling with excess skin. It negatively impacts the way they see themselves and hinders their physical activity. To resolve this issue, you can consider a lifting procedure depending on the area of the body you want contoured, or you can also combine surgeries together. Simply have a free consult with us. 

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