Why You Should Add Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery to Your Treatment Plan

Many medical tourists decide to change their treatment plans once they’re in Turkey. It is easier to get all the surgeries that you need in one journey. You can recover from them all simultaneously. Of course, there are some surgeries which the patient cannot have with any other surgeries.

However, if you’re having a mommy makeover, breast enlargement, tummy tuck or liposuction, you can also have vaginal cosmetic surgery along with it. You don’t need to travel again for this one surgery. You can add vaginal cosmetic surgery to your treatment plan. And this is usually what happens most of the time. So, if you’ve been thinking of getting this surgery, we hope this guide can help you. 

What Is Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery? 

Vaginal cosmetic surgery is an umbrella term. It includes different surgeries performed in the vaginal area. It aims to repair or reconstruct the vagina through different surgeries.

  • Labiaplasty – A woman can choose to have a labiaplasty. In this surgery, the size of the labia minora is reduced. These are the flaps of skin on either side of the vaginal opening. 
  • Vaginoplasty – It is the surgery in which the vagina is tightened and reshaped. This is after it becomes loose due to childbirth or ageing. It may help enhance the sensitivity of the area. Furthermore, it might improve the sexual experience of the patient.
  • Vulvaplasty – Women can also have vulvaplasty. In this, the vulva, which includes the vaginal opening, clitoris, labia minora and labia majora, is reshaped. 

The type of vaginal surgery that a woman gets varies depending on her needs. But as a result of getting vaginal cosmetic surgery, many women feel more confident. Vaginal cosmetic surgery doesn’t only have aesthetic purposes. In some cases, it can improve the functioning of the vagina. It can even help reduce pain in the area. 

You can achieve different objectives with different vaginal cosmetic surgeries. During the consultation session, we’ll make sure to discuss what you’re looking for. It is also possible to combine different vaginal cosmetic surgery procedures. This way, you can completely renew the appearance of your vagina. 

Why You Should Consider Getting a Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery?

There are many reasons why women choose to have vaginal cosmetic surgery. For instance, you might want to have a labiaplasty because of the discomfort and pain from pulling and twisting of labia during different activities. A labiaplasty can also help correct the asymmetry of the labia if one is longer than the other. 

Wearing swimsuits and bikinis is also problematic with longer labia. This is another reason why some women choose to get this surgery. Your genetics have a lot to do with the shape of your vagina. Some women have larger labia than others. There’s nothing that you can do to reduce its size except for getting surgery. 

Other than improving the contours of the vagina, many women seek to improve the functioning of their vagina through the surgeries performed in the area. Women who have birth defects in the vaginal area can consider getting vaginal surgeries. 

Vaginal reconstruction surgery can also help if the vaginal area has been damaged or injured due to physical trauma. Some ailments and their treatments can also affect the vaginal region. Vaginal surgery can help with that. You need to discuss the issues that you’re facing and the goals that you want to achieve with the surgeon. 

What is the Procedure of Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery? 

For a labiaplasty, the patient can be sedated or given local/general anaesthesia. In this surgery, the tissue size is reduced, which is then sewn up. Other techniques are also used for performing labiaplasty. Dissolvable stitches are used, and they will disappear in time. So, you don’t have to worry about getting them out. 

In vaginoplasty, the primary goal is to tighten the vaginal canal. This can even restore the size of the vagina to as it was before childbirth. But depending on the patient, the results can vary. Our surgeons will make sure to convey realistic expectations to you before the surgery takes place. Otherwise, you might end up feeling dissatisfied after the surgery. 

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery? 

A successful recovery depends on how closely you’re following our aftercare instructions. You can expect swelling, bruising, and pain after the surgery. For the former, you can use ice packs. You should not directly apply them to the vaginal area, though.

Also, make sure that you keep your bottom elevated. It can help reduce the swelling. Sitting on a doughnut pillow can help relieve pressure on the area after the surgery. To deal with the pain, you can take painkillers. However, only take them as prescribed by our doctor. 

Depending on the kind of surgery you have, the recovery period can vary. For instance, in labiaplasty, it can almost take six weeks for most of the swelling to go away. Six weeks after the surgery, you can also start having sexual intercourse. You can start using tampons too.

Still, it’s better if you discuss this with your doctor beforehand. It can take up to six months for the swelling to completely go away. For some patients, it can be sooner or later than that. If you have a vaginoplasty, the swelling and pain can largely subside after two weeks of the surgery. Here too, you need to wait for at least six weeks before going back to your normal routine. 

What Are Some Things That You Need to Be Careful About After the Surgery? 

You need to be very careful about not doing anything that can damage the results of the surgery. By this, we mean that you need to keep the vaginal area clean and hygienic. Otherwise, you might get an infection. In any case, don’t touch the surgical site as the germs from your hands can also infect the area. 

Do not try anything that puts pressure on your stitches as it can open them. This can cause you to bleed and even develop a long-term scar. So, avoid cycling, riding a bike or doing anything similar for a few weeks. Many exercise postures are also dangerous to the stitches in the vaginal area. So, do not do any strenuous exercises after the surgery. 

Importantly, avoid going to swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas. You need to keep yourself clean. It might be a little difficult in the beginning, but it’ll get better. 

Other than that, eat healthily, and don’t smoke or drink alcohol as it can slow down the healing process. Stay hydrated. Many people underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. Make sure that you’re sleeping well, albeit with a little difficulty. Lastly, we encourage you to remain calm and patient. 

Why You Should Add Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery to Your Treatment Plan? 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, labiaplasty can cost almost £2,100. This is exclusive of the cost of operation theatre and anaesthesia, among other expenses. You can expect the total bill to be far higher than this.

At Longevita, we do the surgery for under £1,000. But you can avail a multi-procedure discount of 25% if you get this surgery added to your treatment plan. You can avail this surgery for a far cheaper price than you would get in most places. 

It can take too much of your time if you get multiple surgeries separately. Many women find it inconvenient to take time out of work and get the surgery. Then they have to wait for some weeks to recover and go back to work, only to go through the same process again for another surgery. 

You don’t have to have general anaesthesia for this surgery separately. We’ll perform vaginal cosmetic surgery while you’re undergoing another surgery. Of course, with some surgeries, it isn’t advisable to have a vaginal surgery added to the treatment plan. We’ll make sure to inform you about that. Thus, we can schedule this surgery in the future accordingly. However, if you can have this surgery, then don’t hesitate to get it done at Longevita. 

On a Final Note

Finding the right clinic is important for getting vaginal cosmetic surgery. There are some safety concerns about it. Moreover, the lack of expertise of the surgeon can also lead to dryness, scarring, and pain in the vaginal area.

As far as the provision of excellent surgeons is concerned, you can trust Longevita. You’re in the safest hands with us. We’re going to be there for you for 12 months after the surgery. So, if anything happens, you can always count on us to provide you with help. If you want to ask us anything, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us. Our help is always available. 

If you’ve made up your mind about getting this surgery, you can book your phone consultation with a patient consultant to make your booking. We’re looking forward to talking to you. 

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