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Bum Lift Turkey

Having unshapely buttocks can have an effect on a person’s self-confidence when it comes to their body image. Some bodies can look unproportioned when the rest of the body is shapely but the buttocks naturally lack volume or definition. This can cause people to seek a bum lift in Turkey. A bum lift, also known as buttock augmentation, grafts fat from other parts of the body through a combination of minimally-invasive liposuction and fat cell transfer, in order to create a natural-looking, defined bottom.

During this procedure, the bottom is given a soft enhancement in order to give it a subtle curve, and more volume in the buttock area. After an initial consultation, our expert surgeons will discuss the best options for your procedure in relation to your desired result and also discuss our bum lift procedure prices. Having enough fat to transfer into your bottom is essential, and because of this not everyone is necessarily suitable. The treatment involved in the bum lift procedure is minimally invasive and therefore is performed under local anaesthetic. Fat is extracted through either VASER liposuction or micro liposuction, from the patient’s flanks, abdomen or thighs, before being refined and injected into the buttocks.

Harvesting fat from these areas can help to give the buttocks a more lifted shape after the procedure, and the amount of added volume to the area can make a big difference to the shape and look of the buttocks.

Our plastic surgeons that carry out the bum lift procedures, are all handpicked for their diploma, experience, specialties and much more through a strict selection process, in order to ensure that your bum lift procedure is carried out by the best surgeons in the field. All of our Turkey bum lift procedures in Istanbul are performed in some of the highest quality hospitals in the country that are A+ rated by the Turkish Ministry of Health for hygiene and quality, as well as being JCI accredited.

Bum Lift in Turkey from £1,900

Packages include all medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers and personal host.

Top Surgeons

Our plastic surgeon is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). He is a Professor with a book on breast surgery and 25 years of surgical experience.

Top Facilities

Our hospital is rated A+ by the Turkish Ministry of Health and accredited by JCI representing gold standards in hygiene and quality. We use FDA approved Mentor implants.

Aftercare Support

We provide dedicated aftercare while in Turkey and after return to home country. We review your pictures every 1-3-6-9-12 months and make recommendations for best results possible.

Individualised Bum Lift In Turkey

Immediately after the procedure, the buttocks are likely to experience some swelling and bruising which will subside within around a week. The ageing process or genetics might be some of the main contributors to flatter buttocks, and a cheap bum lift in Turkey can help to improve the appearance by providing fuller, natural looking buttocks, helping to boost your self-confidence. This procedure is made affordable with our cheap bum lift in Turkey, and is carried out at some of the best facilities in the country, by reputable surgeons in the field. Our ISAPS member surgeons have expansive experience operating on international patients from a diverse range of ethnicities, so you can be sure to receive an individualised approach throughout the procedure.

PROCEDURE:Enhance and augment the buttocks through liposuction and fat transfer
LENGTH:1-2 hours
ANESTHESIA:Local or general
IN/OUTPATIENT:Usually inpatient
SIDE EFFECTS:Temporary bruising, swelling, numbness
RISK:Bleeding, infection, asymmetry, swelling, discomfort, numbness, clots
RECOVERY:Back to work: 1 to 2 weeks More strenuous activity: 2 to 4 weeks Full recovery from swelling and bruising: 1 to 3 months or more
RESULT LASTS:Permanent, with diet and exercise

What is Bum Lift?

Bum lift, medically known as gluteoplasty or buttock augmentation, is performed through liposuction and fat grafting. Liposuctioned fatty tissue is injected into buttocks so that size and shape of buttocks are enhanced. Besides enhancing the buttocks, bum lift provides an added benefit because a part of the body is liposuctioned so the area where the fat is extracted becomes smaller. Women who have excess fat in certain areas of their body can benefit from bum lift in both ways; by becoming slimmer and enhancing the buttocks. It is an effective procedure combining liposuction of certain areas such as hips, waist, abdomen and fat grafting to gluteal area.

Results of Bum Lift

During the first few weeks, some swelling and bruising may be expected. Compressive garment may be used to diminish bruising and swelling. The oedema typically disappears over three to six weeks. Patients are advised not to sit on their buttocks for approximately couple of weeks after the procedure. Transferred fat needs to obtain a blood supply in order to continue to exist in its new place.

The final result of bum lift can be seen within three months after the procedure. The result of the procedure is natural both in feeling and appearance.

Limitations of Bum Lift

Around 30-50% of fat cells that are moved into buttocks area are absorbed by the body. The remaining amount stays on the buttocks area for the patient’s entire life.

Risks of Bum Lift

Bum lift, like every surgical procedure, may result in certain complications although they are unlikely to happen. Bleeding, infection, asymmetry, swelling, discomfort, numbness, clots are some of the complications which may be caused by bum lift procedure.

Contraindications of Bum Lift

There are certain factors which make some patients ineligible for bum lift. Such contraindications include thromboembolic disease, tendency to develop keloid or hypertrophic scars, excessive cigarette smoking, heart disease, diabetes and morbid obesity.

Day 1

You meet your plastic surgeon who is going to perform bum lift surgery. You discuss the details of the surgery with him and sign consent forms. After the medical tests, surgery begins. The surgery usually lasts for one to two hours. Within an hour after surgery, anaesthesia will ease and you will regain consciousness.

You stay at the hospital on the first night of surgery. Your doctor will perform the initial checkup after buttock augmentation.

Day 2 & 3

Your doctor will perform the second check up in the morning before your discharge from the hospital. You will stay in your hotel room and rest as much as possible on your second and third day.

Day 4

You visit the plastic surgeon’s private clinic for final check-up. Your doctor advises you further on how you should continue using your medication and gives you further information about post operative care. You will be ready to go back home after your fourth day.

Am I suitable for brazilian butt lift in Turkey?

You need to have a fatty tissue to be a candidate for the procedure because fatty tissue needs to be taken from parts of your body and transferred into your buttocks. If you are a female in your late teens to mid-30s, you may be a right candidate for the procedure.

Do you offer bum lift to male patients?

Although rare, men also undergo bum lift as well.

Face-to-Face Consultations in the UK and Ireland

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Bum Lift Patient Review

Our Turkey bum lift procedures can help to provide fuller, firmer buttocks while helping to correct any deformities and asymmetry that may have appeared as you’ve grown older. The results can be seen almost immediately when the swelling subsides, and these are then permanent. If, on the rare occasion, results are unexpected, our surgeons are covered by malpractice insurance so you can receive any correctional surgery for free in Turkey.

After the procedure has taken place, you will receive care from our 24/7 aftercare services team while you are in Turkey, and when you fly home our surgeons will regularly check up on your progress to ensure the incisions from the liposuction are healing correctly, and the results are as expected.

For more information regarding our bum lift procedure costs, contact us on 0845 5198 948.

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