Japanese Beauty Products: Do They Really Work?

Beauty has become all the rage on the internet. No matter where you look, there’s some sort of new beauty routine that promises the ultimate glowing skin like that of a god/goddess. However, there’s something ethereal about the Japanese beauties. What is it about Japanese skincare that makes it so popular? Japanese beauty products have flooded the skincare market around the world in the last few years.

There’s indeed a stereotypical (and rather nonsensical!) notion that exists in the minds of people: beauty routines are something that usually women do. Beauty products are intended to take care of your body so that it looks at its best. Who doesn’t want that? Fortunately, there’s a burgeoning market for beauty products in Japan. And thankfully, around the world, people of all genders are becoming conscious of their beauty regimens.

But you know how it is that when you see something bizarre or unusual, it’s hard to look away from it, right? There are some pretty weird Japanese beauty products out there that are hard to resist. If those products work, not many would mind the weirdness that comes with them.

But that’s just the problem; how do you know if a beauty hack works or not. Fear not. We’re here to help you figure out just that. There are so many fake beauty products trending on social media that it’s hard to tell whether it’s just really good marketing or a damn good product.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Yet Bizarre Japanese Beauty Products?

One of the two reasons something gets popular these days is either the product quality is too good, or it’s just too out there for the mind to comprehend it easily. The Japanese beauty products we’re going to tell you about, make some very, very tall claims. So, let’s learn a little more about them.

Face Slimming Mouthpiece

Slimmer jawlines make for smaller faces. This, in turn, makes the other facial features more prominent. Now, there is a rather unique way through which some these products intend to achieve that. One word of advice: do not ever wear that mouthpiece in public. One cannot say that it is one of the best Japanese beauty products out there; it’s certainly strange though.

You have to wear giant silicone rubber lips (think of the “Speak Out” game, only instead of a mouth guard, you’re wearing giant rubber lips). Yes, they will make you slobber, but beauty is pain, right? Sometimes sheer pain and pain alone.

You only have to wear these mega lips for three minutes once a day, and while you’re wearing them, you also have to make certain mouth movements too. Such Japanese beauty products claim to slim the jawline so that your face looks smaller.

In the perfect world, where it did work, it would end up making your eyes look bigger. Alas, that’s not happening. It’s hard to see a noticeable, if any, change in your jawline through the use of this mouthpiece. There are Japanese beauty brands out there trying to sell it as something legit, but, sorry folks, that’s not going to happen. They say it’s anti-ageing and good for some skin exercise, but we can’t say what mechanism it uses to slim the jaw.

The Double Eyelid Trainer

The name of this Japanese beauty product does give it away. Eyelid surgery is very popular to attain a double eyelid. Those who’re not willing to undergo surgical treatment can try out their luck with a double eyelid “trainer.” It consists of a wireframe, worn like glasses, that fits and sits on the creases of the eyelids, training them to become double.

With just 5 minutes of these Japanese beauty products on your eyes every day, you can supposedly end up with double eyelids. Again, not happening. These products don’t mention how they even work to achieve such goals. You can consider giving them a shot, but brace yourself for disappointment.

A DIY Nose Job

It may just be the most bizarre of them all and could even threaten the future of plastic surgery (Not!). But, again, you can give it a shot. It’s more expensive than the products we’ve mentioned so far. 3 minutes a day is all this little monstrosity needs to work its magic on your nose.

It’s a contraption that you put on your nose, which then vibrates, since it’s electric, “stimulating the nasal bone” to “perfection.” Who knew getting a straighter nose could be that easy and that cheap! If you didn’t, good for you because we don’t think this one works either.

The Age-ru Face Maker & The Facewaver Exercise Mask

The Age-ru face maker wears on like a sheet mask, only with no covering for the eye and forehead area. The principle on which such Japanese beauty products supposedly work is that they pull the skin for an anti-ageing effect. You’ll have to secure the face maker behind your ears, which certainly helps with the skin pulling.

Obviously, it’s not a good idea to wear it. For one, again, we don’t know how it exactly works to achieve these goals, and secondly, it could break you out! All the sweating from the pores with the gunk collecting underneath is definitely not a good idea. However, you would be stumped to know that this Japanese beauty product claims that it actually creates a facial sauna of sorts, which helps in cleansing the skin.

The Facewaver is even better. It masks your face like that of a mummy. It’s not flattering and definitely on the scarier side. You may end up looking absolutely ridiculous with it, so it’s better if you use it privately, in complete isolation. The face waver allegedly works by stretching the skin and also claims to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

Magical Tooth – Yaeba Snaggleteeth

This Japanese beauty product may not be everyone. It may make you look slightly like a vampire. Still, the protruding canines are popular among the youth in Japan. You have to melt the powder and mould it onto your teeth to make the magic happen.

The purpose of this beauty product is not to impart you a picture-perfect smile. The jutted canines are considered cute by some people and, so they put in the effort of making their teeth look less than perfect. We bet you didn’t see that one coming!

So, Do These Weird Japanese Beauty Products Work?

While the explanations of the workings of some of the products might convince you, there’s no scientific data backing them. The weird Japanese beauty products are extremely creative, that’s for sure, though. They do try (even if failingly) to take into consideration the muscle movement and overall anatomical structure of the face. It may be that you end up seeing some results from the use of these products after months, maybe years.

You have to use these products at your own risk because if done wrong, they may end up harming your muscles. There’s no saying that these products work. But from their descriptions, the whole exercise seems rather pointless and not worth a try.

Besides, some of these Japanese beauty products might just cost you more than a few pounds. There’s something else that you can try out, which actually works and you won’t have to wait for years and years to see the results – plastic surgery.

What Are the Surgical Alternatives To Weird Japanese Beauty Products?

Time to get real. Let’s learn about the cosmetic procedures that will actually yield results for you:

Face Slimming Mouthpiece – Jawline Surgery

Instead of wearing a face-slimming mouthpiece, you can get jawline surgery to shape it just the way you want. The treatment is permanent, and you don’t have to wait for months to years to see the slightest of changes in your jawline.

Double Eyelid Trainer – Eyelid Surgery

Rather than wearing a double eyelid trainer, you can get eyelid surgery to achieve the same goal. Blepharoplasty removes excess fat, skin, and muscle from around the eye area to create double eyelids.

DIY Nose Job – Asian Rhinoplasty

Don’t dabble with a DIY nose job because if it did actually work, rhinoplasty would have gotten obsolete by now. There are structural differences in the nasal bone structures across different ethnicities. That is why Longevita offers Asian rhinoplasty, which usually involves working on the tip, bridge, nostrils, and/or columella of the nose.

Age-ru Face Maker/Facewaver – Facelift/Botox

The way age-ru face maker works is that it is supposed to have an anti-aging effect. You might not end up seeing that happening with it, though. Instead, you can consider having facelift surgery, which essentially pulls the skin back and tightens the facial tissues to get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines.

It will only take a few months for you to completely recover. However, the procedure can take years off your face without you having to spend years waiting to see any results, as might happen with age-ru face maker.

Similarly, instead of using a Faceweaver exercise mask for wrinkles and fine lines, you can consider non-surgical treatments like Botox or fillers.

Yaeba Snaggleteeth – Dental Crowns

Of course, this seems like a much logical solution to melting some powder and putting it on your teeth. Dental labs can make customized crowns that best suit the patient’s needs. If you want to look a little “vampire”, why not!


Knowing that these Japanese beauty products might not actually work out for you, you might not want to waste your time or money on them. Book yourself the cosmetic surgery that you want right now!

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