Millie Bobby Brown’s Plastic Surgery Rumours

When it comes to Millie Bobby Brown, it’s hard not to conjure up the image of the 11-year-old telekinetic kid (with a bloody nose and clawed hand). It’s in everyone’s recent memory, being the most-watched show on Netflix. 

And Millie’s at the centre of The Stranger Things’ universe. While the actress was only 11 when the show had started filming, she only just turned 19. And just like any other growing teenager, she’s changed a lot over the years. 

Nevertheless, in a time when beauty “tweakments” are all the rage, you’d be hard-pressed to find a celeb who hasn’t been accused of going under the knife. These accusations aren’t always false, but they aren’t always true either. 

This is something that Millie’s also been experiencing for quite some time. It’s been speculated that she’d had all sorts of cosmetic procedures, from a nose job to even a boob job. But is any of it true? Let’s find out. 

Who Is Millie Bobby Brown? 

Viewers of The Stranger Things probably need no introductions. But what many don’t know is that Millie’s first role wasn’t as Eleven. 

Born in Spain on 19 February 2004, the actress made her debut on the spin-off of the drama Once Upon A Time. Playing the character of Young Alice (the Wonderland one), she was only about 9 years old at the time. 

Following that, she also guest starred in other popular shows like The Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy. But it wasn’t until The Stranger Things that things really took off for her.

stranger things

For her performance in the show, Millie was nominated for many prestigious awards like the Emmy and Screen Actors Guild – she won the latter as an ensemble. 

However, Stranger Things isn’t all that she’s known for now. Since then (even as the show is still going on – at the time of writing), she has also made her big-screen debut. Her role as a teenage detective in Enola Holmes especially garnered praise. 

Her film Damsel is set to release in 2023 – a product of her own production company – on which she’s also an executive producer. Millie’s also running her own skincare and makeup brand called Florence by Mills. 

Which Plastic Surgeries Did Millie Allegedly Get? 

Now that the introductions are out of the way, let’s get into all the plastic surgery rumours that have been surrounding her for a few years now. 

It’s speculated that she had the following surgical and non-surgical treatments. 

Nose Job 

Most of all, Millie Bobby Brown has been accused of having a secret rhinoplasty – a cosmetic procedure that can change the shape and size of the nose. 

But the problem is that many people said so after comparing her “now” nose with the one she had when she was just a kid. And your nose doesn’t stay the same size! 

Of course, it has to grow. Some say that it can keep growing until you’re 17 (in men, it can be even longer). So, most of the comparisons aren’t exactly justified.

It’s true that her nose looks different. But not different enough to make it seem like she had a rhinoplasty. The tip of her nose is still the same – rounded and button-shaped. 

millie bobby brown nose
Emmy Awards, 2018 (L), Screen Actors Guild Awards, 2020 (R)

The wings of her nose (the “ala”) still have the same flare. There’s the slightest bump on her nose, which is also still pretty much there. The overall shape and length of the nose are the same – only it’s matured now. 

It might look different in some photos because of the makeup (contour can do a lot!). But it seems unlikely that she had a nose job. 

Boob Job 

Another surgery Millie’s also been accused of getting is breast augmentation. It uses implants or body fat to increase the volume of the breasts. 

Now, again, your boobs grow as you grow. In fact, breasts can continue to grow till you’re 18 and even in your early 20s. It depends on your genetics and weight. And even after boobs stop growing, they can change later in life due to hormonal changes. 

millie bobby brown breasts
Enola Holmes 2 Premiere, 2022

It’s a very natural thing that happens. And, believe it or not, celebs also go through something known as puberty! 

Lip Fillers 

Another thing that Millie’s been scrutinised a lot for is her lips. Many say that she had lip fillers to make them look much bigger than they really are. 

Fillers use hyaluronic acid to add volume to different parts of the face, including the lips. Done right, they won’t give you a duck pout. Millie doesn’t have it anyway.

In some places, her lips do look bigger than usual. However, that’s most likely because her lips are overdrawn in those pictures. It’s been done for a long, long time (the Jenners are definitely not its pioneers). 

millie bobby brown fillers
Weinstein Company And Netflix Golden Globes After Party, 2017 (L), Screen Actors Guild Awards, 2020 (R)

And keep in mind that Millie also has a makeup brand, so it would make sense for her to market her products in a way that’s most vogue.

Fillers don’t seem it – not right now, anyway. 


Millie Bobby Brown has also developed a very chiselled jawline over the years. And rather than people believing that it was just her losing her baby fat, all fingers pointed at Botox. 

Now, Botox can actually be quite effective in making the face look slimmer. It goes into the Masseter muscles to reduce their activity. And it works quite well. 

At her age, Millie doesn’t look like she needs it. And she probably didn’t get it either. 

Veneers & Invisalign 

Now, when you’re in Hollywood, you can’t go without getting some dental work done. Early on, Millie did have crooked teeth. They were like the yaeba – when teeth look adorably fang-like, especially popular in Japan. 

And they did look quite adorable on Millie. However, those fangs became less and less prominent with age, and chances are that she had braces for that. Because no one saw it, it’s believed that she had Invisalign, which might as well be the case.

millie bobby brown teeth (1)
Screen Actors Guild Awards, 2013 (L) and 2020 (R)

But some also say that she had veneers to straighten her teeth. But that doesn’t seem to be the case because the shape of her teeth now is more or less like it was before.  

Did Millie Bobby Brown Get Plastic Surgery?

It seems unlikely that Millie Bobby Brown had plastic surgery. Most of her physical changes can be attributed to growing up and her new makeup/style. 

Being a child star isn’t so easy, either. The intense pressure and scrutiny aside, you don’t always want to be seen as just a child star who also isn’t taken seriously enough.

And that may be the reason why Millie Bobby Brown has made her style more mature. It doesn’t make her look any less gorgeous, though.  


Millie Bobby Brown’s plastic surgery rumours have been around for quite some time. However, they aren’t exactly fair since comparisons are being drawn between an 11 and 19-year-old. There’s a lot of growing up that took place in those years. 

Here, it’s also important to remember that Millie is still a teenager. And she herself has spoken up about the extremely gross sexualisation that she’s been the target of. 
She’s awesome just as she is. And even if she does decide to do something with her body, it’s nobody’s business but hers.

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