New Plastic Surgery Stats Show Focus On Face & Fat

It is more important than ever for us as cosmetic surgeons to keep on track of any changes that arise in the world of body modification as it helps in being able to stay on top of demand and staying true to what consumers want to get out of the procedures that they look to undertake. Recently there has been a change depicted in statistics that show that people are now beginning to focus more on their faces and their body fat distribution. These somewhat surprising trends are paving the way for the future of surgery and how we can best work towards achieving people’s goals when it comes to improving their confidence levels by adapting their appearance.

Body Fat

One of the recent trends shows that we are more interested than ever in altering our silhouette and in the area of body fat reduction through harvesting fat to improve the appearance of other parts of the body. From fat grafting to harvesting fat from unwanted areas to transplant them to other, more desirable parts, simply removing fat from the body is now a thing of the past. Through harvesting fat with liposuction and then injecting it back into the body, people feel that they are given a better option in reshaping their body without the need for implant insertion, making surgery more natural. The great thing about body fat is that it can be used to change the appearance of all sorts of parts of the body, from the buttocks to the face and breasts.

The Face

Facelifts were once considered to be the bread-and-butter of the cosmetics industry, but they actually saw a decline in recent years before climbing up the ranks as being one of the most popular procedures so far in 2016. The ‘face focus’ is something that cosmetic surgeons around the world are seeing and this is hinted at being due to the fact that mobile apps and photograph filters are showing us how we look with an altered face shape and features. This trend is becoming prominent in both the beauty community as more people are looking to contour and use makeup to alter their facial features. The face lift is also becoming less invasive, meaning people aren’t having to worry about any lengthy scarring, while still achieving the same results. Face lifts are also used to combat signs of aging.

Natural Results

It is interesting to see that while the number of people who are choosing to undertake cosmetic surgery procedures is on the rise, there is an increase in the number of procedures being performed that offer natural results. Being able to achieve beautiful results without the surgical procedure being overly invasive is something that cosmetic surgeons are looking to develop more and more in their practices.

New plastic surgery trends are continually shaping the way that we as plastic surgeons are performing our surgical procedures and is why we work to ensure that we are able to provide a top quality service, every time. If you would like to know more about our most sought after procedures or want to know more about whether you are eligible for a face lift or other surgery, please do not hesitate to book your free consultation with us.

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