5 Best Facial Treatments For Ageing Skin

Skin changes as we grow older. According to Medline, it is one of the most visible signs of aging and leaves a person with “wrinkles and sagging skin.” This can cause cosmetic concerns for many people who then end up seeking the “best facial treatments for aging skin.”

Fortunately, there are many non-surgical procedures that can effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Some aesthetic concerns will, however, require you to go under the knife. 

What Are The Best Facial Treatments For Aging Skin?

Following are some of the non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures that are popularly done to get rid of signs of aging.


With over 6 million Botox injections administered worldwide in 2020 alone, Botox was the world’s most popular non-surgical procedure, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). This “lunchtime” procedure takes less than 15 minutes and gives results that can last for as long as 6 months.

While the treatment doesn’t get rid of wrinkles, it prevents them from deepening any further. It also smooths the skin by blocking the nerve signals that contract the underlying facial muscle. It can be injected on the forehead, around the eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth. Many people also get these injections preventatively to delay the formation of wrinkles. For many, it is one of the best facial treatments for aging skin.

Dermal Fillers

According to ISAPS’ Global Survey 2020, the second-most popular non-surgical procedure, following Botox, is “hyaluronic acid.” This is the compound that’s used in dermal fillers to plump up the skin. It’s also found naturally in the body for moisture and lubrication.

With ageing, fat pads in the skin can shrink, which can leave you with sunken areas. The injectable gel of hyaluronic acid “puffs up” the area that has sunken or lost volume. This also helps smooth out any wrinkles and fine lines.

The injectables are used for different parts of the face, such as lips, cheeks, chin, and around the mouth. Keep in mind that the results from this procedure are also only temporary. They can last from anywhere between 6 months to 2 years, after which you’ll have to get them again.


One of the changes that the skin goes through as a result of ageing is the loss of elasticity. This is more severe in those areas of the face that have been exposed to the sun for a long time. The loss of elasticity makes the skin sag. And if that happens around the upper eyelids, the skin can come in the field of vision. It also causes cosmetic concerns, as the sagging skin makes one look perpetually tired, sad, and even angry.

Since it is not possible to get rid of excess skin through any non-surgical treatment, your surgeon may recommend eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty. ISAPS’ survey shows that more than 1.2 million eyelid surgeries were performed in 2020, and it was the third-most-popular surgical procedure.

It can be done on both upper and lower eyelids. The surgery will get rid of excess skin, replace/remove the fat and tighten the underlying muscles. It is also one of the best facial treatments for aging skin (particularly around the eyes).


Another anti-aging treatment that’s quite popularly done is the facelift. The surgery addresses excessive sagging skin and the resultant wrinkling and folding of the skin. To perform a facelift, the surgeon makes incisions in front of and behind the ears and excises the hanging skin. The facial muscles are also tightened. After that, the skin is pulled back and stitched into place.

Depending on the area of the face where you have your aesthetic concerns, you can get either a mini facelift or a full facelift. This surgery gives dramatic results and takes years off you. Its results are also permanent, but they can be affected by your lifestyle and genetics. Also, keep in mind that a facelift won’t stop the process of aging, your skin will still continue to age, but you’ll notice far fewer signs of it. Considering its effectiveness, it is also one of the best facial treatments for aging skin out there that addresses the whole face.


Just like facelift, necklift, also known as a lower rhytidectomy, involves the removal of the excess skin and the tightening of the underlying muscles. One of the most visible signs of aging around the neck is the formation of vertical bands.

Additionally, the skin sags. You should also know that the skin around the neck is quite thin, so signs of aging can be more visible there. While neck fillers can also help, if you want more dramatic results (and have extensive wrinkling and sagging), your surgeon might recommend a surgical necklift instead, as it will better meet your needs.


Even though aging is natural and normal, the visible signs of it can cause discomfort. While some people turn to preventative injectables early on in their lives, others choose to go under the knife later in life. If you are looking for the best facial treatment for aging skin, it’s important that you first discuss your concerns with a medical professional. They’ll be able to recommend you a suitable treatment plan accordingly.

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