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Rise Of The ‘Moob’ Job – Are More Men Opting For Cosmetic Surgery?

One of the UK’s leading medical companies have announced that the number of men that are undergoing cosmetic surgery has doubled in the last decade – something that we in the cosmetic surgery world can most certainly vouch for! The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons have reported that while only nine percent of men in the UK are undergoing cosmetic operations, the number of men that underwent aesthetic procedures stood at over four and a half thousand in 2015.

According to these records, there were some intriguing insights into the types of surgery that were most sought after by the UK male population. These have included; eyelid reduction, nose jobs, pinning back of ears and liposuction. Perhaps the most intriguing statistic of them all was the fact that male breast (also colloquially known as ‘moob’) reduction was on the rise. The procedure saw a 13 percent rise in the last decade and saw nearly 800 individual operations take place last year alone.

Formulating an understanding of the reasons why male plastic surgery has been on the rise has been somewhat more interesting in terms of looking forward toward determining future patterns for treatments. It is suggested that while more men are having plastic surgery, there is a shift in the sort of ‘look’ or physical outcome men are looking achieve through their body modification. It is believed that men are seeking to move away from hyper-masculinity in favour of a more streamlined body shape.

So what has created this shift? The decline in hyper-masculinity is said to be due to the overall shift in both men and women being more open about the fact that they have undergone some form of cosmetic alteration to enhance their appearance. Enhancing your appearance with the help of surgery is now becoming less of a taboo, which creates more conversation in this area and, in turn, appears to be encouraging more of us than ever to strive towards our ideal body shape.

The rise in the number of men who are choosing to go under the knife to remove any sign of a ‘moob’ does suggest that body contouring is something that is very much on the agenda for men in society today. There is something to be said for the fact that while more of us are undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures, surgeons are becoming increasingly careful with who they offer treatment to. With the glamorisation of cosmetic surgery being very apparent in the world of celebrities, it is vital to remember that is it not a quick fix solution for every physical anxiety and has a lasting impact that cannot be reversed all that easily.

Here at Longevita, we believe that everyone should have the chance to live a happier and more confident life, free of gender stereotypes. We are happy to offer support and assistance with breast reduction in both men and women, so be sure to get in touch with us for more advice and assistance on the matter. Our experienced, qualified and highly skilled team will be able to best advise you on all of your concerns when it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures, no matter how big or small.

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