Did Tom Brady Get Plastic Surgery?

Tom Brady hardly needs any introduction. And you don’t even need to be a fan of football to know who he is because he’s only the most famous and well-regarded quarterback in NFL history. 

But when you’re this famous, it’s hard to escape notice, especially when your face has changed considerably over the years. 

That has fuelled many Tom Brady plastic surgery rumours. And although it’d be pretty easy to say it’s all due to diet and exercise (he’s a very lean physique anyways), some of the evidence is pretty damning. 

So, we couldn’t help but take a closer look at Tom Brady’s changing face ourselves. And honestly, the answer to whether or not he’s had plastic surgery might surprise you. 

Who Is Tom Brady? 

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. (didn’t see that coming, did you?) is, as everyone already knows, an American footballer who was born on August 3, 1977 – making him 46 years old at the time of writing. 

tom brady (2)

While Tom had always wanted to be a footballer, he was truly inspired by watching Joe Montana play. 

And with his talent, you might think it would’ve been easy for him to climb the ranks, but that definitely wasn’t the case. He was actually the 199th pick in the 2,000 NFL draft, making it in the 6th round. 

Before that, he played for the University of Michigan (Michigan Wolverines) and led the team to victory with his 369-yard throw and four touchdowns. 

Since then, he’s played 23 seasons in the NFL (when the average career length is 3.3 years, according to Statista). Not only has he been around for so long, but he’s also remained excellent at the game quite consistently.

He’s been a part of 10 Super Bowls, of which he’s won 7 of them. His mechanics and accuracy remain unmatched, and so do his achievements. In February 2023, he finally retired from the game. 

Which Plastic Surgery Did Tom Brady Have? 

Tom Brady is said to have had a lot of procedures over the years. So, let’s have a closer look at these allegations: 


Recently, the NFL posted a video of Tom Brady addressing the allegations that the NFL is scripted, and nothing got more attention in that video than Tom’s face. It even got its own name for it – “Botox Brady.” 

He was also compared to handsome Squidward and his wife Giselle (which should definitely not be an insult!), with people advising him to hold back on the plastic stuff a little. 

Now, admittedly, he did look different. His face looked smoother and also a bit frozen, classic signs of an (overdone) Botox

tom brady botox
Tom Brady in 2005 vs 2023

While that might have been in the mix, to be fair, he was recently seen sporting a very dad-like white beard that made him seem a tad older than he really is. With that gone, anyone might have done a double take seeing his recent face.

But we don’t think it’s Tom’s first foray into the world of Botox because, looking at his older photos, it very much looks like he also had what’s known as “masseter Botox.”

This type of Botox can help make the face look slimmer by relaxing the masseter muscles in the face. In some people, it can be quite large, which can give the face kind of a “boxy” appearance. 

However, keep in mind that this doesn’t give permanent results. Its effects only last for 3-4 months, so Brady must have known about Botox for a while now.

Hair Transplant 

Another cosmetic surgery that Brady’s widely believed to have had is a hair transplant. It doesn’t look like anything happened there. 

tom brady hair transplant (3)
Tom Brady in 2017 vs 2023

The only thing that’s changed quite a bit is the length of Tom’s hair, and it has made it look like he’d had a hair transplant at some point. But his forehead has always been wide, and he’s also had unchanged c-shaped temples.


Tom Brady’s teeth have definitely changed in a way that’s not possible without the intervention of cosmetic dentistry. Of course, it’s not plastic surgery; it’s still a cosmetic treatment that’s only added to his good looks. 

Notice how there used to be the slightest gap between his front teeth before? That’s gone now, and the lower edges of the teeth are also much straighter now. That could be due to composite bonding or crowns (full tooth caps)/veneers (only front coverage of teeth). 

tom brady cosmetic dentistry

But the teeth right next to his centre ones, their size is radically different. And no, your teeth don’t grow like that with age. He’s probably got crowns or veneers there as well.  


A lot has been said about Brady’s alleged cosmetic work, and it’s nothing new. Although if you look closely at his photos, you’ll see that not a lot has really changed. He is blessed with good genes, and his work has only made him look even better. 

Considering he’s a very fit athlete, it wouldn’t exactly be surprising to see him age quite well. He might be getting some cosmetic injectables too along the way, but it doesn’t look like he’s had any invasive procedure done. 

Even if he does decide to do that, that’s totally up to him. His body, so he gets to decide what to do with it. Stigmatising male plastic surgery should definitely be outdated by now anyway. If you’re thinking of getting one yourself, make sure to do your research so you can get good results. 

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