What You Can Do About Wide-Set Breasts

It’s not just about the size of the breasts, many women also desire a fuller cleavage. However, that’s rather difficult to get when you have wide set breasts. 

Some try to push their breasts together through tapes while others look for different types of bras, some even wearing smaller sizes, to get the desired effect. 

But for those who’re looking for something more permanent, a breast augmentation surgery can also help. In this guide, you’ll learn more about the causes of wide breasts, how to tell if you have them and what options you have. 

What Are Wide-Set Breasts? 

Wide-set breasts, as the name indicates, are breasts that are quite spaced apart. According to a study published in GMS Interdisciplinary Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery DGPW, there was an average distance of 10 cm between the midline and the nipple of the breasts.

Wide set breasts

It’s possible that when the distance is greater than that, you might perceive your breasts as more wide-set. But keep in mind that some people naturally have wide breasts. It isn’t always an abnormality. 

What Causes Wide-Set Breasts? 

How your breasts are is greatly influenced by your genetics. Therefore, it’s possible that you have breasts that are far apart because it’s a trait that runs in the family. But there can be other reasons why you may have wide breasts: 

  • Body fat – Fat is what mainly affects how big or small your breasts are going to be. So, if you have a naturally petite frame, your breasts might be smaller as well and have a greater distance between them. It should be noted that exercise can also shrink the size of your boobs due to loss of fat. 
  • Underdeveloped breasts – Underdevelopment of the breast tissue can result in a condition making them look tube-like, hence the name “tubular breasts.” It can also leave a large gap between the two breasts.  
  • Underlying anatomy – If your underlying bony frame is on the wider side, your boobs may also sit farther apart, especially if they’re small in size. 

Lateral displacement of implants – If your surgeon’s not experienced or you’ve had the implants for a while, you can experience lateral displacement of implants, where they move to the sides and leave a gap in between.

Improper implant placement and wide breasts

How To Tell If You Have Wide-Set Breasts? 

You may have wide-set breasts if: 

  • You don’t have cleavage. 
  • You can clearly see a gap between your breasts. 

About the latter, some even say that if you can fit 3 or more of your fingers between the breasts, it’s likely that you have a wide-set. 

Are Wide-Set Breasts Unattractive? 

There’s nothing wrong with having breasts that are wide. All kinds of breasts are unique and beautiful in their own way. However, we understand that not everyone is okay with their breasts being a certain way. 

In that case, you can consider cosmetic treatments as they can change the volume of your breasts and the distance between them. 

How To Get Cleavage With Wide-Set Breasts? 

To get cleavage while still having breasts that are far apart, you can consider trying boob tape to bring them closer together. 

However, many women choose to wear a padded push-up bra, plunge bra, or a bra with front drawstrings to get cleavage without any surgical intervention. 

Woman wearing bra

Some also go a few cup sizes smaller for the same reason, but you should be careful of doing that as it can not only be uncomfortable but also painful. It may also cause damage to your skin. 

How To Bring Wide-Set Breasts Closer Together? 

You can bring wide-set breasts closer together through breast augmentation surgery using implants. Depending on the size of the implants you choose, it will increase their volume and bring your boobs closer together. 

Breasy augmentation for wide boobs

While fat transfer is also done for breast enlargement, it won’t give you dramatic results. So, if there’s a lot of distance between the breasts, fat grafting might not increase the volume enough to make a noticeable difference. This is why your surgeon may also recommend breast implants instead. 

To get a better idea of what your breasts will look like, you should make sure to check out the before and after of other patients who have similarities to you. 

At the end of the day, the choice of the surgeon is very important since the placement and profile of the implants will also affect the final results. A surgeon who has a deep understanding of the anatomy and clearly understands your problem can give you the best results. 


Some people are born with naturally wide breasts. It doesn’t make them ugly or unattractive just because they don’t fit an idealised norm. 

But if it’s something that you’ve always been bothered by, which affects your self-esteem and body image, you can consider consulting a plastic surgeon to find out your options. 

Breast implants are usually the chosen route as they can dramatically change the volume of your breasts, give you a cleavage, and change their overall look. The results of this surgery are also likely to last you a very long time.

But in any case, make sure to do your research and find an experienced, board-certified surgeon who can give you good results. 

Reviewed and approved by Prof Dr Fuat Yuksel

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